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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seeing Stars and A Confession

I'm seeing STARS!!! Lots of them as well as they are my school teachers presents, note the school colours and also my Christmas card this year....saving trees, just means that I have been making a lot of them. Good job they are quick and easy! Want the pattern? Then Pop over to Jellywares for this brilliant tutorial....

Look at these amazing things we have been spotting around our place....

This mushroom is as big as my outstretched hand!

A Green Cicada....they are mostly black up around our house so this was a rare find....

A bit of a blurry photo but you can see how big he is....

A Rhinoceros beetle....

And now for the confession!

I have succumbed to the commercial push of Christmas! I feel really guilty about this as I really try to avoid it. The boys had seen these reindeer antlers and nose for the car and REALLY, REALLY wanted could I say NO???? Just this once....

'The Rudolf Car'

We are off to Sydney now for a family reunion, I have been going like a mad thing to get everything ship shape before I leave as Billy is staying home to mind the animals and this is his busy season so the less he has to do the better. So I am SEEING STARS!!!!

I will be reading your posts and comments but will be unable to leave comments myself as I am not taking my laptop....I am having a well earned break!

See you in a few weeks :-)


  1. Cute idea! The stars. And funny with the car. Have a most happy reunion!

  2. Hope the trip down is good Jenni. xx

  3. HA!! I saw another car with those, just yesterday - here in the north west of the US!! Don't feel guilty, dear. Challenges and trends and the like are all well and good, but our lives are our own to live. I love the stars. LOVE them. I don't want to crochet - enough on the plate with all this sudden, silly knitting -but now I'm going to have to find out how to make them. All your fault.

    What monstrous treasures in your yard. I'd call the UFO people about that mushroom. I wouldn't trust it not to pull up feelers and go creeping around the place.

    Jen - you are such fun. Bless your good heart. Have fun on the trip. Be safe. Best wishes!

  4. I dont think you'll go to the bad place for caving into commercialism once.

    Love the teacher gifts and I bet the teachers did too.

    Have a pleasant reunion, and remember you're only a hop skip and a jump away from my house (comparitively speaking )

  5. Have a wonderful time! What a great post, I shall go and look at the stars tutorial. Love all those nature photos, especially the mushroom and Cicada. Funnily enough, I saw a car here the other day with the antlers and it made me smile :O)))))))))))))))))

  6. The stars are so beautiful! I love the photo of the cicada bug I have always wanted to know what they look like.
    Have a wonderful trip.

  7. The Clip Cafe has left a new comment on your post "Seeing Stars and A Confession":

    I just always know I will find great stuff here!! I love your stars they are so pretty!! Cicadas remind me of my childhood trips to Nsw, we don't get them so much here in WA. How cool is the beetle too!

  8. Cool Rudolf Car! Hope he gets you safely to the reunion and home again.

    The sparkly buttons are from Spotlight - maybe you can pick some up in Sydney?


  9. Stars = beautiful Beetle = gross

    Merry Merry Xmas to you and yours Jenni.xx

  10. Your stars look very pretty, bugs make squeamish ;D

    The best part your car ~ LOVE IT !! ~ very festive !! I won't show my son as he will want me sport some also...ahhaah

    Enjoy your holiday in Sydney, where your going is a very pretty spot, safe travel.

    Merry Christmas :) x

  11. Your stars are AWESOME!!! I love how you have added the extra touch of sc around the outside, just gorgeous!!!

    Have a great time at the reunoin...

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  12. Those stars and giant creatures are way cool. Can see why those cicadas make so much noise- they're massive!! We are taking off for a while too-escaping the Qld humidity and visiting family in Victoria. Enjoy your time in Sydney, it's such a great place to visit in summertime. Funny isn't it what kids really want or connect too! My sons greatest interest all year has been these crappy plastic toys called mighty beans, I caved tooooo- so if we do end up in a bad place I think we'll have lots of company;0) have a grouse Christmas!

  13. Have a great Christmas holiday, love the photo's those beetles look massive! and how brave are you for holding them! wow!:)

  14. Jack loves the enormous bugs!!!

  15. A rudolph car - that is so funny! Your boys are gorgeous btw! :-) Not sure about that very large black beetle - I'm a bit of a wuss as far as creepies are concerned! Don't think I'll be visiting you in northern Australia, except by cyberspace! I'm guessing Sydney is one heck of a long journey - have a great time!

  16. Wow ! Look at those fabulous insect photos.
    Have a great Christmas.
    Raining raining raining here.
    What about up that way.


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