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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dot is AMAZING!!

nokia | August 31, 2010
Professor Fletcher's invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics.

and this is how they did it, thanks for sharing LilSonnySky

See more projects and how the 'Dot' film was made at or

I am recovering from a 'dreaded lurgy' so as my brain is mush I have been looking to others for some fun inspiration....

Isn't modern technology fantastic!! Well done Nokia!


  1. Where do you find these fabulous You Tube clips! Amazing technology in this one, it's wonderful to see how they made it.
    Thanks for finding these and sharing them.
    Hope you're feeling better very soon.

  2. That is seriously cool! Hope that brain firms back up soon and you feel all better and back to normal. Those boys should be all looking after you and bringing you brekkie in bed!

  3. Oh my gosh! This is just brilliant! Wait till Kristen sees this. You can bet she'll be showing it to Murphy. Just incredible.

    Thanks for sharing. This just brought such a smile to my face. Modern techonology is so amazing and what people do with it! Their creativity........ I just loved how she ended with knitting a blanket. :D Perfect ending. Just. BRILLIANT!

  4. Modern technology is indeed fantastic! Sorry to hear you are lurgied! Thank goodness technology isn't too fantastic though, or I would think you had caught it via my keyboard!!!!!

  5. This is So cool! Are you getting drowned in rain?

  6. I just watched the making bit - pretty astonishing. The patience. I can understand it, I think - I've done some things that were a little like this - taking years and moving at a snail's pace, but only once or twice in a lifetime. I am wowed.

    Here's a link Guy just sent me, something that has warmed up this day considerably for me:


  7. Get better soon, Jenni, you can beat that bad lurgy!What a curious little film - very clever indeed.

  8. Oh get well Jenni! We have had some sort of coughy fevery thing here too - not me thankfully (yet cross fingers). Technology hey!!

  9. That WAS amazing. You dont realise how small 9mm is and what an achievement that was until you watch the video about the making of Dot.

    Thanks for posting Jenni. That was very cool.

  10. Oh I'm so pleased you liked this it is truly amazing! hope you get over the lurgy we had it on Christmas day but nothing a tin of Quality streets and a glass of vino couldn't cure.... well numbed it anyway!!... not that chocolate and alcohol is my answer to everything but it helps!!!:)

  11. Goodness me! What a wonderful film.
    I'm going to tell my brother about this one.
    Congratulations on your Squares Jenni, can't wait to receive them. Thanks so much for posting!
    Team blogging, great fun!
    Hugs Suex

  12. i still cannot even understand tv..... LOL

    amazing indeed!!!

  13. Amazing stuff! Hope you are feeling better by now - excuse my geographical ignorance but are you affected in the north of Queensland by this terrible flooding?
    Happy new year!


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