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Friday, January 28, 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

Hooray I am joining in again with 

Favourite Things Friday @ QIMP

Favourite Things Friday....

I have to admit that this is one of my favourite things....

My iphone.   I won't go so far as to say I couldn't live without it (I would hate to try) but this little beauty has been constantly with me since purchase in late 2010. (Thank you Billy)  I went on a holiday to Sydney and this time I didn't take a laptop or my camera, I just took my iphone.  I was able to keep in contact thru my emails, I could read and comment (if I was really inclined to use the small keys) on all the blogs I follow and I even took some pretty amazing photos.  

In fact the photos have amazed me.  Remember the gold beetle....iphone, and the small crab....iphone.  It really is a nice little camera and I have used it more than my big one lately for all my blog photos.  Just so handy.

As a row counter for my knitting,  a game player for the boys in times of needed distraction, an alarm clock, for my music and audiobooks, keeping in touch with friends thru facebook, for speedy texting and sending MMS and much, much does it all....

I have even made a ripper felted pouch for it, the needle felted symbol is for 'Tiger' my chinese birth sign!

So even though I am not really a gadget guru I have to say that I have been more than impressed with my iphone....wouldn't be without it  :-)


  1. Great, now you've made me want to get an iphone, and I was quite happy with my HTC.
    They are great aren't they, I love all things Apple! I can understand why you picked it as a favourite.

  2. Yes, yes! I adore my iphone too, and feel so very sad and pathetic just writing that comment! I take photos, check e mails, catch up on facebook and twitter, google directions and have apps for just about anything I could desire!! If I lost it I would be distraught, which is not really such a good thing to contemplate! Hubby would be thrilled as I even take it to bed and check last minute texts and e mails before sleep! What a bore I must be to sleep with (!!)

  3. Look at you, girl. And here I am, complaining about the pictures I take with mine. But then, I think you have a four, and I have an almost three year old three. So maybe that's the diff. The thing is, you've really used that sucker - you do far more with it than I dreamed could be done. Stitch counting? Teach me! Teach me!! I lost mine a couple of years ago - couldn't find it anywhere. I'd gone to a political meeting (for the first time in my life) and I'd had to park far off and run to get there. I had to leave the meeting to search for the phone. Luckily, my son had put my phone on his mobile me account, and could locate it by some central GPS system. We drove to the place where he'd found the signal - I got out of the car and searched everywhere. Suddenly, as I crossed a very busy street, I heard this sad little beeping -and found the phone in the MIDDLE OF THAT STREET, fACE DOWN ON THE CEMENT. The screen had been shattered - the phone was still alive, but I couldn't communicate with it because the touch screen was totally disabled. I had to drive to the city up north to the only Apple store in the region - and found myself crying like my dog had been run over as I handed it to the nice tech.

    Who could have known that losing a little piece of glass and metal could be so devastating?

  4. I need a new phone quite desperately. Mine is well over 3 years old and looks like something Noah had on the ark.

    So..I reckon your technological prowess and mine would be about the same so I could probably use one of these becausr really im taken with all these apps I could get if I had an iphone. The question is - do I need another technological distraction?

  5. You know I'll be looking at iphones this week now...

  6. I don't have one, but my daughter and other people I know sure love theirs too. Love the case you made!

  7. I haven't entered the cool phone world yet. I'm afraid what I might do with that much power at my fingertips! :D

    I think the bag is perfect that you made.

  8. Love it, love it. I wish I'd learn to use one of those things, I just use the phone features on our blackberry...stupid I know.
    But best, I love your little carry pouch!

  9. I feel the same way about my Android. I never thought I would come to "love" a cell phone, but I do.

  10. Everyone I know who has one just loves them .. thanks for sharing your favorite!

  11. great FTF - love the cover you made!!

    have a great weekend

  12. I'm not much of a phone person but a friend has one and loves hers too.

  13. My phone is out of the ark...... :O))))))) I never really fancied changing it but if I do, then I shall bear in mind this post of yours. You have certainly sold me the idea of them.

  14. I've resisted the lure of the Iphone so far, but I don't know how much longer I can resist. Glad you enjoy it so much.

  15. I-phone's are very cool, kdddo wants one despearately. Love the cover you made for it.

  16. Oh Jenni Ive missed so many of your posts! Love the baby set! i soooooooooooo thought they were socks! you had us all fooled!
    And as for the iPhone.... well, they're pretty fantastic aren't they!!! I don't have one and probably won't get one, but the fact that they can count knitting rows, well, that makes them pretty spesh in my book!

  17. I would love one they sound great love your cover. and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't believe you won!!!!! YAY FOR YOU I am So jealous! But so happy for you!!!! Oh Woohoo!!!!!! ;-)

  18. I have to laugh because I'm with you on this one, before this phone I hardly used my previous ones, then I got the i-phone and Voila ! ...never leave home without and it's always on for various reasons.. best thing ever !

    love the cover.. very cool :-D


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