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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Floods....

There is no need to say any more in my header as we all know about the devastation that is happening in many parts of Australia.  I am in awe of the force of nature and horrified at the extent of the damage that is being inflicted upon many regions as I write this.

I have to say that I am humbled by the efforts of many fellow bloggers to help and I am writing to ask that you take this opportunity to do a bit of surfing and see who is doing what and ask you to please help out too.  I would usually post links for my readers but my health is not 100% so could you please check it out for yourselves??

I have debated with myself about writing this post but as I feel strongly about the issue I thought I would.  I in no way mean to disrespect what is happening or anyone who is involved in such tragic circumstances.

I think I noticed it many years ago when my first born was still tiny and we received the shocking news that The Princess of Wales had been in a car accident in France, what came after that has shocked and saddened me as to what extent the media will go to to 'get a story'.   Then came the wedding in Israel and footage on the television that should never have been made public.  Next was September 11.   Those images still haunt me and I have not watched the news on Television since.

Now with so much modern technology available to us I feel that the respect has been lost when reporting news.  We are seeing visions on the television that would have previously been censored out of the media and deemed unsuitable to show to the general public. I have a friend who lost her husband in a car accident and then had to relive the experience thru pictures on the TV.  When did we cross that line and do we have the right to??   Does that work both ways?  Should we be showing all the wonderful news with out censorship as well?  Did you ever see a baby being born on the TV??    Is this not wrong??  Do you think that our emotions are something that are private to us??  Should the whole world be allowed to see us at our most vulnerable.  I think deep down that is what upsets me the most, the fact that the media are showing people at their most unprotected moments.

I work very hard to censor what my children see and hear in the media and it is a constant vigilant job too.  That doesn't mean we are living under a mushroom and ignoring what is going on around us.  I just don't think children are developed enough to deal with the basic language that the news is reported in or to deal with the images that are shown to us these days.  

As I said before I am saddened and shocked that our communities seem to want this sort of information.  Do you??  Am I one of the few who feels ashamed at the media's behaviour.

Yes I do want the information and to know what is going on but I don't want the sensationalism that goes with that...have we lost the ability to just report the news??

Ok rant over.

I am sending prayers for everyone today,


  1. I don't think children are developed enough for almost any of the language and images that commercial TV offers them, frankly. Including much of Disney channel's stuff. I think children need to be young and innocent, and without out-of-family role models who make them want clothes and attitudes and fame that are all made up and superficial and without much meaning.

    From the beginning of popular media, the people who have offered it - once, the newspapers were all we had - have done it for the money. I suppose you can say that the early pamphleteers did it for their causes. But the "news" has always been a matter of selling papers and making a buck. Drama sells. People slow down on the freeway to look at the accident in the right lane - staring without shame at the horror and suffering of people they don't even know.

    Somehow, it's in us to look. Curiosity? Horrified fascination? Amazement? And so the people with the cameras try to capture the things that people will flock to look at - and the audience, even while it stares and screams or sobs, will at the same time talk about how terrible it is that the media is showing them these things.

    As long as there is money and there are people who will look, the media will do as it does. And that is the cold, hard truth of us.

    But I am with you. I don't even want to hear reports of others' suffering - unless it makes me more compassionate, or moves me to pray for them, or teaches me to be careful, myself. The question I hate most is, "Tell me, Mr. Whatever - how do you feel about your wife being killed?" How do you feel? Are they insane? And they camp out on your lawn, waiting for you to come out of the house. And they crowd around you, yelling questions and sticking things in your face. And if you're famous, they hide on neighboring rooftops so they shoot pictures through your upstairs windows and they follow you on vacation.

    It's sick.

    So I am with you.

    Honey - are you feeling any better? I heard on TV that there's actually a vaccine for that stuff now. But I don't think it helps much if you've already developed it. I know where you are. I was there, too. Rest as much as a farm and two sons will let you do. The world will have to take care of itself. You have done what you can. Rest.

  2. I know what you mean too. I am big on censorship particularly for the children. It's hard as we are over here and really don't know how it is over there. I have looked at the news reports and just shudder putting myself in that situation and having my family who mostly can't swim well or at all and certainly not in those conditions. I have shown mine some images and video to help them appreciate how we have it and what others are going through but it is like everything unless you have been through it your selves you really don't know what it is like. The media is very selective too in what they show and how they portray things always has been, that will never change. I guess without some of the info the media has shown people wouldn't have been able to help as they wouldn't have known. I am guessing you are okay where you are? Hope so xxx

  3. I'm completely in agreement with you as well. THe news is not a suitable programme for children at all and I really get cross when they show people at their lowest times. TV in general is getting really slack at what they show during day time TV. Even some of the adds are completely innapropiate.

    Sorry to hear you are unwell. I do hope whatever you have eases for you soon as illness can be so difficult for a mother particulary.

  4. It's interesting and I don't have any answers. I do know people who
    don't censor much at all and some that are the other way. We are all doing our best though. I am very easilly overwhelmed by emotion, so news is something I limit for myself. I don't have a tv but nor do I have an opinion either way on those who do. Because we are all of us unique and there is no right formula. Children are very brave and can cope with a great deal. I hope I don't seem needlessly provoking here? Another perspective could be some of the footage is right to show If it serves as a warning for people to stop and reflect on our fleeting precious lives?
    I am sorry for your friends loss, hope you're on the mend soon jenni, xo Kate

  5. Oh Jenni, this is a BIG one......... Without having the seen the news of what is happening, people would be unable to reach out and help those in need. However, I really do feel that the media goes way too far at times and those times I switch off. Over here we have only seen the same footage repeated on all channels of our news and the sheer force of the water and the scale of devastation is scary. I have no doubt that you are seeing much more personal and invasive footage..........
    I do hope you get better soon.

  6. Sorry Jenni, I disagree. I want my children to live in the reality. Nature can be beautiful and destructive and the knowledge of this may very well protect them in the future and perhaps make them more cautious at crossing a swollen river some day. I am devastated for the people this is happenening to and no, my children have not watched this for hours as perhaps I have, but the have seen it on TV and they will remember it. My heart goes out to the people of Queensland and northern New South Wales. I hope these people get the resources they need as quickly as possible to start rebuilding their lives and having knowledge of the damage done means more people across Australia and perhaps the world will donate more money to assist with this.

    Of course you are entitled to your opinion, just as everyone else is and you are entitled to blog it as you so wish.

  7. I'm in agreement with you that I censor the news both on radio and on tv for my 11year old as there is far too much about murder, sexual abuse and rape etc. It is a difficult one though, as I do want her to be aware of what is happening in the world at large, and allow her to see footage ONCE only (if possible) of devastation following such disasters as in Haiti and now in Oz, but it is the sensationalist repetition that de-sensitises adults and children alike that I despair of so much. I want my little girl to inhabit a kind of idyllic world in most ways, but I think she should know the savage reality of the world in which she lives also. Words cannot say how saddened we all are by the suffering of those affected by this and all other disasters. Words are futile, but at least, by seeing it on the news, we are able to empathise both spiritually and, more appropriately, by sending support. I do object to the footage if it oversteps the mark and becomes invasive though, of course. No-one wants that surely. x Hope you are feeling better

  8. Thanks Jenni for turning your frustration with the media into action by bidding on my blog auction for the Queensland floods. I, too, am worried by the influence of the media on my kids but try to arm them with the mechanisms to filter and make sense of world events. If something upsets, angers, frustrates or saddens you, turn it into a positive and do something good about it.

    Thanks again!
    : :

  9. It is sad to see how the media is portraying our country's latest tradgedy....

    Here's hoping there are no more deaths and that the 43 missing get returned to their families safe and sound..

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  10. No, your not alone about the media and the intrusion we face every time we turn on our TV's. I want to know what's going on and feel saddened greatly by what is happening in QLD, but like you don't need to be blasted by the what is the same coverage over and over.

    I too get quite sick of having to censor everything my son watches and frankly a lot of the cartoons are questionable, they grow up far to quickly as it is.

    Hope your feeling better Jenni :)

  11. I agree 100% which is why my children have/are growing up without a TV period! I let them watch movies..... but no TV. I made that decision years ago when watching the news I was appalled and thought, I don't want my kids seeing this! I can't even handle this!

    You are a very wise momma for sensuring your kids. It is too bad more don't.

    Get better soon Jenni. I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. It truly stinks when we are not up on top of our game.

  12. I do wonder where the respect for our fellow man has gone, they don't care who they step on to get a story, which is not the absolute truth anyway. I feel sad that society 'lives' off the hardship etc of others.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    x Sandi


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