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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hooked on Yo Yo's too....

Thanks to a post that the lovely Louise put up last week here  I am also hooked on these fun little Yo Yo's....

They are so quick and easy and brilliant for using up your bits and pieces....

One row down, about 8 to go!  Hardly any ends to sew in either, my kind of hooking....

They are being made into a 'dashmat'  for my car, how fun and colourful is that  :-)


  1. Sometimes, in the US, when you say someone is a yo-yo, it means kind of a crazy, feckless person. But these yo-yos are serious color business. Wonderful for the dash, and just like you!

  2. Love the idea of a crochet dashmat. What a frivolously fun idea!

    I saw granny squares knitted into a scarf recently and am now determined this is the year I will learn to crochet.

  3. How 70's retro.. love it ! you have a retro holden to

  4. Oh that IS fun and bright. What a neat idea!

    In regards to Kristen's comment, "I" am a yo-yo. :D

  5. Ok, you're a genius! What a brilliant idea to make a dash mat for your car!!!! I'm definitely loving that idea for my new car. Aren't they the best fun to make?
    Oh and the 'spoon and inside out jammies' on my earlier post - apparently this is for good luck according to Jack? We were supposed to flush an icecube down the loo too, but we forgot that bit! Anyway, it worked. He wished for a snow day!

  6. O! They're so colourful... crocheted wheels of wonder. Lovely dovely indeedy!

  7. They are delightful! I want to try them! What else are you going to use them for??


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