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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Creative Space

Remember these needles from last week?....

Oh BABY....


Hope they fit!

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  1. Awww, Jenni, they are GORGEOUS!Can`t wait to see the baby who`s going in them! May I ask what yarn you used?

  2. I saw feel needles and felt faint at the complexity! All of it is just gorgeous. All that talent wrapped up in an outer shell of lovely - you're just one of the most creative people I know!

  3. Adorable!!!! The little booties! So sweet!

  4. Oh they are just so darn cute. You are so clever, it almost makes me want to have a baby so you can knit some for me! WHO am I kidding, no way, maybe you could knit some for my fur babies, lol!!

  5. I'm with both Nana and Shay. What a delightful mind you have. I LOVE these things. Especially the booties. You never hold still.

  6. So lovely Jenni, the colours are beautiful! xo

  7. I am going to have to go and steal a baby from a pram and blame hormones..... and it is all YOUR fault. HOW GORGEOUS ARE ALL OF THOSE???? Loving the details like the scalloping on the pants and the different coloured bobbles on the shoe straps. Stunning things........

  8. Harry Highpant Pilchers! Awesome! I'm sure they won't be harry high when on, but they do look extra HH in the photo :) Very cool indeed. Knitting with four needles is very clever too!


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