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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Sunny Sunday!

Can you believe it after weeks and weeks of rain (how long have we been on school holidays- 6 weeks!) I woke up this morning and it was SUNNY!  

Hooray we all jumped out of bed and even the animals seemed to be in a happier mood, its amazing what a bit of the Golden Glow can do for you isn't it....

This is what our weeks have been like....

Notice how many other people there are in the pool, I think we were the only mad ones to brave the weather....

Cullen blows up his swim shirt and floats about like he has a life jacket on, he doesn't mind the rain, you're going to get wet in the pool anyway right!  Look at all the raindrops!

But today was Sunny and dry.....

Now you might be wondering what my husband thinks he is doing standing on a ladder propped up in the back of his ute???? 

As it was a nice day we finally got to fix up the butterfly at the bus stop for the school bus.   The old butterfly has been there for years.  My horse riding buddy's dad put it up on the tree when she was just a young thing going to school (she has just finished school).  Its wing had  fallen down  and she was looking a little neglected so we decided to fix her up and also add a butterfly of our own for the boys.  Everyone knows the 'butterfly bus stop' even if it is only my boys who use it now.

The boys chose a butterfly that spins in the wind, pretty isn't she!   Hopefully we won't get another cyclone this season to blow her off the tree....

All very proud of their efforts and I think the butterfly's are happy to have company  too :-)

Look Shadows!!!

Even my chickens and guinea fowl made the most of a day out and escaped to the horse paddock for a scratch around.....the last two are funny, just like a little old couple!!

Books, bags and uniforms ready.....mummy gets to go back to YOGA on Tuesday,  Bliss!

I will miss the company of my young men but I am sure there will be plenty to do to keep me busy.....


  1. Yep sunshine on the very last day of school holidays, not fair.
    The chickens and guinea fowl certainly made a dash for it, didn't they.
    I hope you are starting to feel a bit better.

  2. School holidays here for one more week.(not that it really affects me these days ) I hope your boys enjoy going back to school. The butterfly bus stop is so cute, well worth risking life and limb with the ladder in the back of the ute!

    Enjoy the serenity Jenni.

  3. Such a lovely family you have Jenni. I`d give anything to roll back the years and do it all again. Still, getting a little reminder with having a grandaughter now (she`ll be TWO tomorrow!)- just wish I was ten years younger to be able to keep up with her!Tell hubby if he needs another set of steps, I`ll send him mine!lol
    ps we used to love going to the outdoor pool in the rain - my Mother told us the water would be warmer - I think she was lying!

  4. What a lovely thing to do: repair the old butterfly and put up a new one! Such a lovely name for a bus stop too.... I used to love being the only one in our local swimming pool (an uncovered one)when I was a child. I could take the cold water when no-one else could and used to love being their by myself. I loved the little clip of your chickens and guinea fowl, they motor at quite a speed don't they? :O))))))

  5. What a great post jenni! Loved seeing bits of your life! Karen loved your chooks and made me replay the video so she could watch them running again!
    Glad you've got some sunshine, enjoy your Jenni time!!!!!!!!!

  6. oo- loved the vid. Somehow, seeing your son soft footing across the gravel made your whole family feel very near. funny, Cullen all alone in the pool - makes me very philosophical about rain. And what a great idea the butterfly marking the bus stop. I can remember feeling terrible anxiety when I rode the school bus in ever new place - for the first week, really scared I'd miss the stop and be lost forever. Shadows and a good horse. Bright faces on the boys. But the vid - holy cats, the YouTube inserts along the bottom when I had actually run it = you know, the supposed "related" links - were all thongs and women who - well, you know. How did they get THAT out of running guinea fowl? But a sunny day - we've had a few, almost 40 degree days, and I've felt like I was on vacation!

  7. Well we have had plenty of sunshine and i haven't been out in it enough I think. Love the butterflies! And WOOHOO go yoga - I have never done it. sounds interesting and be nice for you to go again. Your family is delightful.

  8. ahh, what a nice place. Feels like I have been over for a cuppa and caught up with all your happenings. Love your butterfly bus stop, utterly charming. I have revelled in the sunshine too and just loved having a market day without rain...we're having a silly 3 day week for my older son at school this week so luckilly for me I get eased from holidays back to school life. Those early mornings, clean uniforms and lunches seem like such a lot to organise right now cos I am all out of the swing of things!

  9. Thanks for coming to see me over at Planet Penny, love the idea of the Butterfly Bus stop. Hope the sun keeps shining for you, Penny and Higgins x

  10. That sunshine well and truly took its time getting to you guys! Hopefully it stuck around for the last few days of the holidays and that yoga yesterday and the peace and quiet of the house was just awesome!

    I'm back to school tomorrow and Fri for induction days and then teacher days on Mon/Tues and then kids on Wed, not sure that I'm ready yet!


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