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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Today there are no words, and there are no pictures....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Conquer your Fears

You would have been proud of me, I have been brave.....very brave!

This morning as I was rushing thru the morning chores I discovered that my mare had colic, thus ensued a scene of mad panic as I yelled at the boys to bring me a beer (what must my neighbours think??  Luckily lovely Elizabeth is my crochet buddy and knows me well by now!)  I locked the mare in the laneway and poured a bottle of beer down her throat and left her there to relax while I got on with the chores....

Over in the chook pen I had another surprise waiting for me.  I dutifully counted my little darlings and noticed one of my juvenile guinea fowl was missing.  On closer inspection of the pen I came across this little beauty....

I am so proud of myself, I DIDN'T PANIC!!  There was a lot of yelling and screaming  once again at the boys, this time to go and get my camera and to come and see what I had found,  LOL

I quickly shut all the chickens and guinea fowl into one side of the pens and then trapped Mr Python into the other side and rang my friend who relocates snakes.  I could have chased him out of the pen but he might have chased me and if he wasn't relocated he would be back for second helpings and then desert.

I spent a few anxious hours checking to make sure that the beastie wasn't going anywhere and I walked my mare to pass the time.  She is fine by the way, she just has a temperamental stomach and I suspect she is getting a taste for homebrew!

Lesley arrived and strode confidently into the pen and casually picked up Mr Python. Lesley is 6ft so you can see he is a large python, probably about 8ft long!!   He was very excited as this seemed to be the biggest specimen he has relocated for quite a while.   

And since I knew that all was in good hands I decided to face the fear and have a good look at Mr Python for myself.  After all he had been having a good sticky beak at me all morning and he had eaten one of my darling babys.

A few years ago I would have frozen with fear and my anxiety levels would have been right up at number 10.  I was surprised to find myself feeling no fear at all and I felt very relaxed (now you are probably thinking that I drank the beer this morning and not Penny!)  So relaxed that I was able to have a really good look and see what a beautiful animal Mr Python really was.  I think because I know these type of snakes are not venomous I was able to let go of the fear, if he had been a brown or black snake this would have been a completely different story!   

Lesley told me that he was probably about 70 yrs old judging from his size.  I had told the boys that he had a wise old man look when we saw him that morning.  He was covered in ticks but apparently they do them no harm.  And he was soft and smooth to touch.....Yep I touched him!

Woo Hoo....Look at me!  (ignoring the stylish bushy work clothes  ;-)  )  Lesleys youngest son has no fear of snakes and is putting me to shame, he was completely at home around this big specimen!

Now that is some snake!  His colouring is beautiful and he was soft and smooth and warm from lying in the semi sun.  He was pretty heavy too and strong, he had a vice grip on my left hand!

Lesley packed him away in a cloth bag just like the Crocodile Hunter and put him into a box in the car.  He and his wife are going to relocate him far away where he will be unlikely to come into human contact again.   

Thanks Lesley, I can now sleep in peace which is more than I can say for my guinea fowl who are all huddled together on the floor of the chook pen in a group hug tonight.  A few more days and they will forget their nocturnal visitor and be back roosting on their perches in their own pen.

Whew what an exciting day!  I'm totally exhausted now so off to bed  for a good rest  :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

True Blue

This weekend I have been rushing to finish a project that is going to be displayed in Canada!  

Does that mean that I now have International Urban Guerrilla Status???

I saw that Magda Sayeg from Knitta Please was asking for contributions from around the world for an upcoming event and as the cyclone was almost upon us and I needed some major  distraction, I thought I would give it a go. Calgary needed caps for some of their traffic bollards, a sort of concrete cylinder, how hard could that be?? See here the Original post 

My brain went into overdrive at what I could create but when it came down to the wire it just had to be something typically Australian didn't it!  

So here they are....

The life saver has a surprise at the back....

I had a huge amount of fun creating these caps.  It is so good when something that is in your head turns out just how you imagined isn't it!

I think they will be easily recognisable as Australian don't you and hopefully give a kick to any homesick Aussies over in Calgary   :-)

Off into the post tomorrow.  I will get a little certificate showing that I participated and hopefully I will see them in a photo on the posts,

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie......Oi, Oi, Oi !

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Creative Space and a Giveaway

This week My Creative Space involved a little Yarn Bombing....

Grannylicious Valentines Day!

Pop over to Kirsty's and see more lovely creativity for the week   :-)

Don't forget I am having a Blogiversary Giveaway!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blogiversary and a Giveaway

Hooray I am one!  

Well just a bit over actually, I just realised today as I was making a birthday cake for my eldest.  

I remembered posting about his cake last year and here we are again except now he is 10!!!  Ten years, where does that go??   And one year of blogging...who would have thought  :-)

I thought as a celebration I would have a little GIVEAWAY!!   

This is a lovely book full of all sort of ideas for some really cute crafty presents and as it is Valentines Day it seemed appropriate.  
Just a little thank you to everyone who pops in and visits.  You make my day   :-)

I will draw for the giveaway at the end of the month, so come on what are you waiting for??

Want to see what else I have been working on??

A sneak peek of an accessory for a little friend of mine, have a look at my side bar and check out 'The Journal of Aunty Burrows' that may give you some idea....

And for those of you who were thinking the cyclone was a bit of a fizzer, I found that I had been hit worse than I thought....

Have a happy Valentines Day everyone,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I think it will have to go without saying that my FTF this week is POWER!!!   After being without for a week one really appreciates the ability to multi task.  Much as I enjoyed going back in time and being a pioneer I found that it took ages to get things done.  I enjoyed the early nights and luckily we have a gas cooktop so I was able to feed everyone.  I did not enjoy having no hot water!  Having to boil water every time I wanted a cuppa or needed to wash the dishes was starting to get to me but the hardest thing for me was the lack of a Hot Bath.  I love my baths.  Its my relaxation time at the end of the day so I really noticed that I couldn't have one and worse I had to have a shower and it was cold showers.  Showers are bad enough but COLD that is torture.  I found myself putting it off later and later in the day and then as the evening went on the air temperature got colder so it ended up being a real ordeal.  I hate going to bed dirty so I had to have a shower.....I felt like I was pulling teeth!

The barometer dropped to 970 during Cyclone Yasi, usually it sits at around 1010.  The humidity was just over 70% and the temp was about 18C. I took this at about 3am.

Petal and her pups plus 3 chickens and their babies/eggs in the blue containers, all inside in the kitchen out of the weather.

The power was reconnected and I very quickly got back into the routine of putting on the washing machine, plus a load into the dryer (as it was still raining and I had a huge backlog) and then firing up the dishwasher and much to the kids delight the TV!  Billy was able to watch the news yet again, I think my friends overseas had more coverage of the cyclone than we did!

The road out of our place, strewn with leaves and branches.  Some trees were down as well but by the time I got out for photos they had been moved.

Trees over power lines.

Creek crossing near our house, luckily this road is into the state forest.  Won't be riding that way for a while.

Our butterfly's are OK but the bus shelter needs a little TLC.

POWER is wonderful and I don't think I will ever complain about the bill again, I'm not making any promises though  :-)

This is 'Yasi'.  Ebony my  neighbour and horse riding buddy texted me to say she was nervous and couldn't sit still while we were waiting for the cyclone to cross the coast.  I told her to crochet!   She did and this is the little fellow that she came up with.....So CUTE!!  Well done Ebony  :-)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Safe and sound

Just a quick post to thank everyone who has been sending their thoughts and prayers our way, we are all safe and came thru Yasi with minimal damage to our property and none to ourselves or our pets. A tree landed on a power line that is connected to the house so we have no power and it may take weeks for that to be restored. Thankfully we have the loan of a small generator (one of my angels over zealously tightened a bolt on our generator and snapped it, this was of course discovered in the mad dash of the clean up before Yasi arrived...handy! ) one of Billy's friends is making us a new bolt and then we should be able to run the hot water service and if I unplug everything else I should be able to use the washing machine!! Who would of thought I would be excited about that!

So for now service is limited so I will have to make trips to the golden arches to charge my phone, and no power means no Internet :-(. I will be back to normal blogging as soon as the power is back.

Thank you again to everyone who left such kind messages, it really helped :-)

I did some crochet while we waited for Yasi in the dark, it gave me a new insight into what it was like to craft by the light of a did they produce such exquisite needlework????

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Yasi" is a yowser!

WE are on Cyclone alert and this one is a beauty!   Hold on to your hats and fasten your seatbelts we are in for a bumpy ride....Estimated to cross the coast at Cairns (we are 100km inland from Cairns) tomorrow night or early Thursday morning??

 I'm off to rug the horses, bring inside the dogs and cats (Petal had 7 puppies this morning) and tie down anything that can be moved....

See you on the other side!  :-)