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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blogiversary and a Giveaway

Hooray I am one!  

Well just a bit over actually, I just realised today as I was making a birthday cake for my eldest.  

I remembered posting about his cake last year and here we are again except now he is 10!!!  Ten years, where does that go??   And one year of blogging...who would have thought  :-)

I thought as a celebration I would have a little GIVEAWAY!!   

This is a lovely book full of all sort of ideas for some really cute crafty presents and as it is Valentines Day it seemed appropriate.  
Just a little thank you to everyone who pops in and visits.  You make my day   :-)

I will draw for the giveaway at the end of the month, so come on what are you waiting for??

Want to see what else I have been working on??

A sneak peek of an accessory for a little friend of mine, have a look at my side bar and check out 'The Journal of Aunty Burrows' that may give you some idea....

And for those of you who were thinking the cyclone was a bit of a fizzer, I found that I had been hit worse than I thought....

Have a happy Valentines Day everyone,


  1. Happy birthday to your little one! AND Happy 1 year Blog anniversary to you!! I love what you are knitting, it looks like a wee little gnome hat:) Please enter us for your giveaway, it looks like such a wonderful treasure:)
    Take care Jenni

  2. Happy Anniversary to you ! WOW... 1 is a milestone, I know exactly how you feel ;D ...ahhah

    Also a huge HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to you little one, mine is 10 this year also, where the time fly ? !!!

    Take care and hopefully the damage is just a bruised tiger :) x

  3. Congratulations on your blogiversary and happy birthday to the birthday person!!!!!
    That looks like a lovely book, you can never have enough ideas for crafty presents.
    I always love seeing your teeny tiny pieces, you have such patience.

  4. Hello Jenni! Congratulations for both of you!
    Vow what a cake - wish I could join you!
    I love your beautiful crafts!
    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment!
    Sunny wishes! Teje

  5. happy birthday to your blog and your big 10 year old! Love the cake, now I feel like Malteasers..

  6. Happy 1st birthday Jenni! I love reading your blog and seeing what creative things you're making. Here's to many more posts!

    I think your secret project is a hat for a very small elf....

  7. congratulations. i love your blog and want some of that cake! x

  8. Congratulations for you!
    Love your blog and wish you a wonderful sunday.

  9. Happy Birthday. (Blogsday - does that asound better??)

    That bottom must have hit one of the upstairs bedrooms in my house to!!!

    I MUST get the hang of the DPN.

  10. That cake is mighty, Jenn. And you've answered a great mystery for me today - so it's a CYCLONE that's caused all this damage in my house. I've wondered for years why I keep happening on pockets of this chaos. We just get tiny cyclones passing through our area at night. Especially in the bathrooms. Now, I'd like to enter into the giveaway. I still owe you a good surprise, too, I know. But enter me, willya?

  11. Congratulations Jenni!!!It's been lovely having you on the blogosphere! I can't wait to see what you're up to with those dpns!

  12. Happy Birthday!! To both your ten year old who was one just last year... Yeah.... I know how that goes..... and to your one year of blogging which without, I'd have not 'met' you!!! And I am grateful that I did!!!

    Love the colors you are knitting!! Want some of that cake!!!

    DANG IT! And all these years I thought it was some darned elves wreaking havoc on my house.... all along it was a cyclone. Wish the weather would ease up......

    :) You are wonderful and kind to be having a give away! Count me in! I need to do one of those one of these days....... just can't think what anyone would want that I'd offer... hmmmm. Something to ponder on.

  13. You're such a funny woman jenni- and despite the fact that I live hundreds of kms from there somehow that particular form of cyclone damage has struck at my place too!! Congrats on making it to the big one year, and for entertaining, inspiring, sharing- I love your blog and am really happy to read it and look through the photos each post. Thank you! I have seen that gorgeous book in a bookstore near my kids school- it's the cutest little book-good luck to everyone(including me!!) xxoo Kate

  14. Happy Blogiversary Jenni! Wow, I thought you had been blogging forever!
    What a shame about your damage, hope it was nothing too bad and required just a clean-up, lots of blessings to you

  15. Am laughing at the state of that bedroom! I remember it well..........

    Congrats on your year of blogging and my, what a glorious looking cake!

  16. Happy Birthday to you and your little guy! Are those Whoppers 'round the top of that cake? WHat a great idea!

  17. Congrats on your year of blogging. That cake looks delicious.... so does the book!

  18. Happy 1st Blog Birthday!
    I like your 'cyclone' pic :) lol


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