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Monday, February 21, 2011

Conquer your Fears

You would have been proud of me, I have been brave.....very brave!

This morning as I was rushing thru the morning chores I discovered that my mare had colic, thus ensued a scene of mad panic as I yelled at the boys to bring me a beer (what must my neighbours think??  Luckily lovely Elizabeth is my crochet buddy and knows me well by now!)  I locked the mare in the laneway and poured a bottle of beer down her throat and left her there to relax while I got on with the chores....

Over in the chook pen I had another surprise waiting for me.  I dutifully counted my little darlings and noticed one of my juvenile guinea fowl was missing.  On closer inspection of the pen I came across this little beauty....

I am so proud of myself, I DIDN'T PANIC!!  There was a lot of yelling and screaming  once again at the boys, this time to go and get my camera and to come and see what I had found,  LOL

I quickly shut all the chickens and guinea fowl into one side of the pens and then trapped Mr Python into the other side and rang my friend who relocates snakes.  I could have chased him out of the pen but he might have chased me and if he wasn't relocated he would be back for second helpings and then desert.

I spent a few anxious hours checking to make sure that the beastie wasn't going anywhere and I walked my mare to pass the time.  She is fine by the way, she just has a temperamental stomach and I suspect she is getting a taste for homebrew!

Lesley arrived and strode confidently into the pen and casually picked up Mr Python. Lesley is 6ft so you can see he is a large python, probably about 8ft long!!   He was very excited as this seemed to be the biggest specimen he has relocated for quite a while.   

And since I knew that all was in good hands I decided to face the fear and have a good look at Mr Python for myself.  After all he had been having a good sticky beak at me all morning and he had eaten one of my darling babys.

A few years ago I would have frozen with fear and my anxiety levels would have been right up at number 10.  I was surprised to find myself feeling no fear at all and I felt very relaxed (now you are probably thinking that I drank the beer this morning and not Penny!)  So relaxed that I was able to have a really good look and see what a beautiful animal Mr Python really was.  I think because I know these type of snakes are not venomous I was able to let go of the fear, if he had been a brown or black snake this would have been a completely different story!   

Lesley told me that he was probably about 70 yrs old judging from his size.  I had told the boys that he had a wise old man look when we saw him that morning.  He was covered in ticks but apparently they do them no harm.  And he was soft and smooth to touch.....Yep I touched him!

Woo Hoo....Look at me!  (ignoring the stylish bushy work clothes  ;-)  )  Lesleys youngest son has no fear of snakes and is putting me to shame, he was completely at home around this big specimen!

Now that is some snake!  His colouring is beautiful and he was soft and smooth and warm from lying in the semi sun.  He was pretty heavy too and strong, he had a vice grip on my left hand!

Lesley packed him away in a cloth bag just like the Crocodile Hunter and put him into a box in the car.  He and his wife are going to relocate him far away where he will be unlikely to come into human contact again.   

Thanks Lesley, I can now sleep in peace which is more than I can say for my guinea fowl who are all huddled together on the floor of the chook pen in a group hug tonight.  A few more days and they will forget their nocturnal visitor and be back roosting on their perches in their own pen.

Whew what an exciting day!  I'm totally exhausted now so off to bed  for a good rest  :-)


  1. Ok I would have seriously pooped my daks if I had seen that snake....But look at you cuddling up to him not one bit afraid. I didnt even know snakes could live that long. Im actually glad he was relocated to live another who knows how may years. Sorry about your baby guinea fowl though.

    And you have a horse that's fond of booze. It's never dull at your house.

  2. I am impressed! He is big!!! We relocate our pythons in bushland over the other side of the Bruce Hwy, I'd like to see them try to cross 6 lanes of traffic.
    Good to see you had a beer handy for Penny, you sure she didn't just feel like a drink! Glad she is better.

  3. Oh god! You are very VERY brave indeed. That snake is HUGE! I get the shudders even looking at photos of snakes, I can assure you that if I ever saw even a small one I would be moving very fast in the opposite direction and not for my camera either! Thank goodness he only got to one of the guinea fowl, plenty of that room in his long length for the whole family.

  4. Oh yeh, and, how typical country bloke is that. Wander over to pick up an 8 foot snake in stubbies and bare feet. LOL

  5. FREAKING OUT!!! I don't drink beer but had I come across that thing I'd have snatched it out of my horses hooves and told it it was gonna die as I guzzled the beer and ran for the hills. Oh my heck! Your friend is BARE FOOT!!!!!

    Oh you are brave very very brave. Seriously, if there is one thing I am terrified beyond reason, it is snakes. I don't care how big or what kind. It is a terror. Not scared. Terror. Full blown irrational. Shudder.

    Glad your horse is okay and sorry about the 'foul play'.

  6. May I say that one of the things I enjoyed most about this piece was your yellow crocs??? Wizard! Don't know how I would have felt about that snake - I don't hate 'em when I know what they are. The ticks might have frightened me more. And I'd have cried over the baby. But the colic would have had me running in tight little panic circles. Last colic we had, the doc came out, ran a tube up through hickory's nose all the way to his stomach and pumped him full of mineral oil - a full gallon. I had no idea beer would help. I should have thought of it. We don't drink it, but I'd be glad to keep it for the horses. Does it have to be homebrew???? I bet yours is powerful stuff.

    Most of all, great shots. And I always love it when there's a shot of you, my girl. I think you looked great in your bushy clothes.

  7. Oh wow, poor Penny, I didn't know beer would fix them, thats a good thing to have stored in my mind!
    Wow, that snake is huge, I have to admt, the snakes and spiders in Aussie make me too scared to even visit!!!!!

  8. WHOA! I would have panicked for sure. He sure is a beauty! Sad he got a nice meal though! I didn't know beer was a cure either! Learn something new every day :-)

  9. Oh you are just a fab old country girl after all.
    Great story.
    Great photos.
    We have a python that lays in wait in our roof for the unsuspecting birds that feed from our feeder. See! We are doing everyone a favour.
    They are plentiful here but haven't seen one anywhere near THAT big. A beauty.

  10. Jeepers! That is one BIG snake and I think you`re a complete heroine even THINKING about touching it!I get the heebijeebies if I so much as see a worm! You have my complete admiration!x

  11. OMG!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!

    You lost me at the big snake but the picture tell a thousand words..

    Jodie :)

  12. l HATE snakes-phythons or not..Hate the godamned things.. We have the kingbrowns around our property here... Always a rake or shovel near the dogs pen.. Beer sounds good for colic..l hadnt heard of that ... Best Wishes.. Pam C.
    New England, NSW, Australia

  13. WOW!!! You braver than I would ever be. The photo of the snake was enough to scare the pants of me! Hope your mare is feeling better. I never knew beer was good for colic.

  14. I'm lov'n the bushie work clothes ! ;D

    All I can say is I'm glad I live in the city, more likely to get run over but a cab driver or bus than run into a snake.

    I would have SCREAMED ! ...ahahhah

  15. whoah! Jenni the snake wrangler! And dont apologise for the clothing-thats just your snake wrangling outfit, isn't it? ;o) That snake is freaking HUGE, I am glad you got Mr snake bloke to come remove him. Otherwise maybe it would have been wordless Wednesday because you'd have been the dessert? I saw one at Australia zoo once which had a week before eaten a whole goat. Its stomach was so big. Fascinating creatures aren't they?

  16. My goodness Jenni, that is a huge python. I remember touching one in Africa that was about 5 times bigger than that one.. but I don't know how comfortable I would feel about having those snakes around my jungle - tarantulas are creepy. Thankfully the ones we have are not poisonous or dangerous. The cats bring little ones in the house and the boys love to play with them. How wonderful that you were able to relocate him, he's so beautiful.. did he smell? The one I touched had a very strong scent.
    Hope Penny is doing better.

  17. Hello! That was Really exciting day! Vow!!!
    I have touched o big snake (can't remember what it was) in one exchibition and it was so soft and warm! They look great but I do prefer dogs! Sorry about your guinean...
    Thank you for your visit and sweet words! Teje

  18. What a day! how good to have such wonderful friends/neighbours who will 'deal' with pythons! Thankfully as far as I know we don't have snakes that big in Scotland!

  19. BLIMEY! This story had me totally gripped! You did extremely well with how you handled it. I didn't know snakes could live to such an old age, how fascinating. What an amazing story this is Jenni! Love Vanessa xxx


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