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Friday, February 11, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I think it will have to go without saying that my FTF this week is POWER!!!   After being without for a week one really appreciates the ability to multi task.  Much as I enjoyed going back in time and being a pioneer I found that it took ages to get things done.  I enjoyed the early nights and luckily we have a gas cooktop so I was able to feed everyone.  I did not enjoy having no hot water!  Having to boil water every time I wanted a cuppa or needed to wash the dishes was starting to get to me but the hardest thing for me was the lack of a Hot Bath.  I love my baths.  Its my relaxation time at the end of the day so I really noticed that I couldn't have one and worse I had to have a shower and it was cold showers.  Showers are bad enough but COLD that is torture.  I found myself putting it off later and later in the day and then as the evening went on the air temperature got colder so it ended up being a real ordeal.  I hate going to bed dirty so I had to have a shower.....I felt like I was pulling teeth!

The barometer dropped to 970 during Cyclone Yasi, usually it sits at around 1010.  The humidity was just over 70% and the temp was about 18C. I took this at about 3am.

Petal and her pups plus 3 chickens and their babies/eggs in the blue containers, all inside in the kitchen out of the weather.

The power was reconnected and I very quickly got back into the routine of putting on the washing machine, plus a load into the dryer (as it was still raining and I had a huge backlog) and then firing up the dishwasher and much to the kids delight the TV!  Billy was able to watch the news yet again, I think my friends overseas had more coverage of the cyclone than we did!

The road out of our place, strewn with leaves and branches.  Some trees were down as well but by the time I got out for photos they had been moved.

Trees over power lines.

Creek crossing near our house, luckily this road is into the state forest.  Won't be riding that way for a while.

Our butterfly's are OK but the bus shelter needs a little TLC.

POWER is wonderful and I don't think I will ever complain about the bill again, I'm not making any promises though  :-)

This is 'Yasi'.  Ebony my  neighbour and horse riding buddy texted me to say she was nervous and couldn't sit still while we were waiting for the cyclone to cross the coast.  I told her to crochet!   She did and this is the little fellow that she came up with.....So CUTE!!  Well done Ebony  :-)


  1. Very glad the damage was not worse at your place. Having power is definitely a favorite thing, right up there with hot showers and baths!

  2. Glad you came through ok. DOn't know what I would do without power for a week, probably go insane, had a cold shower this morning so I could probably cope with that as long as it was warm outside.

  3. Oh Jenni, what an ordeal. I am so pleased you guys are safe and sound and are getting back to normal. I can imagine how exciting it was to put on that first load of washing. Thank goodness for crochet! I love little Yasi.

  4. Glad you got the power reconnected. I can understand why it would be your most favourite thing this week.

  5. Glad no-one was waiting for a bus in that shelter!Also glad you and yours are fit and well and are enjoying the delights of lots of hot water! Loving that little pony - clever neighbour. Have a great soapy weekend Jenni. x

  6. another end of day hot bath fan...
    so glad you have power again and safe. the horse is so sweet!

  7. I'm so glad to see you're safe and sound, I was thinking of you when I heard about the cyclone. It sounds like you've had a tough time, I know what it's like having no power, you feel like you've been plunged into the dark ages, and everything becomes an ordeal. So glad you're all safe, and I hope you've enjoyed your longed for bath. Isn't that little horse so sweet! Love Vanessa xxx

  8. So glad all is well. You've all been in our thoughts as yes, we've had loads of coverage of all the disasterous events you've been experiencing.
    The horse is very cute!
    Penny x (and Higgins!)

  9. You have my sincere sympathies about the cold showers. I still recall the horro of 5 days of cold showers here last October when our Hot water service crapped itself. (We are still fighting the electricity company for the repair bill )

    I am so glad you have power back. Roughing it is fone for a couple of days but any longer than that and I'd start to get cranky. And power means you're back with us which is the best news Ive had all week.

    So glad the damage appears to have been a lot less than we were all thinking. Methinks your boys did an awesome job of hammering that butterfly up if it's still there!

    Thanks for making FTF your comeback post. Im honoured!

  10. SO glad you are back on the grid, a week without power is certainly not a nice thing. Cold showers yuck, even when it's hot, cold showers are not pleasant. Because we often have power blackouts here, I bought myself a cheap solar hot water heater thingy which is basically a heavy duty plastic bag that you are supposed to sit in the sun to heat and then hang it overhead to wash under, it's a total waste of time and effort!!!!

    970 OMG that's low. See- told you I was a geeky weather nerd!

  11. That's a damn cute horse.

    I had to have a cold shower tonight since my sisters had already used all the hot water. Having to do it once was bad enough, I would hate to have to do it for a whole week.

  12. Everytime my boys come back from a camping adventure it is a fight to see who can get to the shower first. Last time, one of my sons said that he knew why scouts camped so much. So they'd appreciate and take showers. :)

    Yes, the things we take for granted. The modern conveniences. I'm glad you have yours back. Happy warm bathing!!

  13. So glad you are okay and there was not more loss of life. I know what you mean about power, but I made myself learn how to crochet and hand quilt and piece so I could still stay sane if I ever had to do without my sewing machine.

    Love the little pony.

  14. I'm relieved to hear that you all escaped injury - a week without power is a long time!

    I'm so glad you have it back -

    Thanks for keeping us all updated!

    Happy FTF

  15. You've really been through a rough spot, haven't you? Glad things are back on, power wise. We really take it for granted until we don't have it. Enjoy those hot baths now!

  16. Gadfry, I've been on tenterhooks waiting for you to be back on. Worrying about you, woman! I wish I were one of your riding buddies. Rachel and I would be off into the woods with you every week. But yeah, I'd stay out of the trees until the ones that still might come down make up their minds to do it and have done. I don't pity you about the bath, though - our bathtub isn't fit for man nor beast - not after four kids splashing in it over twenty years, so I always have to shower. But the sound of a hot bath in a good tub does make me feel just a little swoony.

    So deeply glad the damage was minimal for you. What a thing. What a strange thing, a storm as big and as powerful as that one. If it had to happen, I'm just glad you're past it, and fine, and petal and the horses and chickens made it too.

    Much gratitude.

  17. I'm so sorry you were without power! That is horrible. So glad you're up and running again! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos.

    xo -El

  18. Oh I'm not surprised that you are loving power Jenni! I remember last year at my polytech, our toilets were closed off for fixing for three hours one day, so we had to use portaloos in the basement, that three hours made me soooooooooooooo full of gratitude for having toilets when there are so many places on earth that don't!
    I bet it was lovely to sink into that first bath!!!

  19. Oh power yes :-) agree about the bill though lol. That lil horsie is so cute! And how about those butterflies hey!


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