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Friday, February 4, 2011

Safe and sound

Just a quick post to thank everyone who has been sending their thoughts and prayers our way, we are all safe and came thru Yasi with minimal damage to our property and none to ourselves or our pets. A tree landed on a power line that is connected to the house so we have no power and it may take weeks for that to be restored. Thankfully we have the loan of a small generator (one of my angels over zealously tightened a bolt on our generator and snapped it, this was of course discovered in the mad dash of the clean up before Yasi arrived...handy! ) one of Billy's friends is making us a new bolt and then we should be able to run the hot water service and if I unplug everything else I should be able to use the washing machine!! Who would of thought I would be excited about that!

So for now service is limited so I will have to make trips to the golden arches to charge my phone, and no power means no Internet :-(. I will be back to normal blogging as soon as the power is back.

Thank you again to everyone who left such kind messages, it really helped :-)

I did some crochet while we waited for Yasi in the dark, it gave me a new insight into what it was like to craft by the light of a did they produce such exquisite needlework????


  1. Oh Jenni , Im so glad you , your family and pets are safe and sound.

    Sending massive hugs of relief your way. Bless the golden arches for phone charging!

  2. Yay so pleased to hear you came out unscathed.
    Bugger about the tree and the powerline. At least you can still crochet without power, not so good for your brand new sewing machine though.
    Fingers crossed for your power to be back on soon.

  3. pheww! Glad that you all made it through safely although being without power doesn't sound like much fun. Hope all is back to normal soon.

  4. By candlelight indeed! It is no wonder the homesteaders went to bed so early after the sun went down. Hard to see...

    Glad you are all safe and sound. Been thinking about you and wondering.....

    Look forward to hearing from you when you get some power!!

  5. SO RELIEVED!! I actually kind of like it when stuff like this happens. You wake up and have to move in new, very conscious and grateful ways. We had a super cell come through a few years ago - it barely missed our barn and was a block and a half away from the house (where my children thought it was just a windy day - but I was hunkered down in my car, half way to the barn, wondering if I was going to find myself airborne any minute - and blind. Amazingly blinded by the mess in the swirling air). I ran to Sears and bought the last generator. Poles were down all over our quadrant of the little city - and our rural area was black and powerless, and would be for a week or more, they said.

    We set that generator up to run the fridge and stuff and then settled in to do some very simple living. Two hours later, the lights came back on line. Some disappointment. But we got in the car, drove south three blocks and began to cruise the damage - and it was amazing - trees on houses, mostly landscape things - ancient trees down. We found a family that looked responsible and approached them, asking if they wanted to borrow the generator. It ran their house and their neighbors' for a week. YiPEE!!

    I'm painfully grateful that you all are safe.

  6. LOL ...I didn't realized the golden arches would be a great or useful place to visit... until now ! ahhhah

    Glad your Ok and happy candle light crafting :)

  7. So glad that you're all well. Take care.

  8. Phew! So pleased to hear you and your gang are all safe and well.
    I hope you get power back really, really soon.

  9. So glad you're all ok. You've been in my thoughts a great deal. I hope things get back to normal for you and your family, soon!

  10. Have thought of you and wondered......... and am sooooo very pleased all is well. :O)

  11. good news! I had been thinking about you and wondering just how close you were in line with the predicted path and hoping you were not at all near! So glad to hear all is well, power out is such a small thing in the large picture, even if it does mean a massive onslaught of washing when it does come back on. Hope you are surviving alright in your enforced pioneer-ish time xx

  12. What a relief Jenni! I'm so glad to hear all is well in your part of the world, except for no power... doesn't it make us appreciate what we have? I agree with you, how did they produce such amazing works of art by candle light???!!! I suppose they went to bed early and got up early too!
    Lots of love from Alice XXXXX

  13. :0) thanks for taking the time and precious battery life to reassure us jenni! So glad you came through this and hope you enjoy your candlelight lifestyle while waiting for power, fingers crossed it will be on soon. I always wonder about that fine lace work- is it tatting(?) fine, fine work in such poor light. I'd say nows the time for chunky yarns! Xo Kate

  14. Glad to hear you are all ok. I sure hope your neck of the woods gets a bit of a break from the crazy weather soon!

  15. **HUGS** so nice to know you are all okay. Hope everything returns to normal soon xx


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