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Sunday, February 20, 2011

True Blue

This weekend I have been rushing to finish a project that is going to be displayed in Canada!  

Does that mean that I now have International Urban Guerrilla Status???

I saw that Magda Sayeg from Knitta Please was asking for contributions from around the world for an upcoming event and as the cyclone was almost upon us and I needed some major  distraction, I thought I would give it a go. Calgary needed caps for some of their traffic bollards, a sort of concrete cylinder, how hard could that be?? See here the Original post 

My brain went into overdrive at what I could create but when it came down to the wire it just had to be something typically Australian didn't it!  

So here they are....

The life saver has a surprise at the back....

I had a huge amount of fun creating these caps.  It is so good when something that is in your head turns out just how you imagined isn't it!

I think they will be easily recognisable as Australian don't you and hopefully give a kick to any homesick Aussies over in Calgary   :-)

Off into the post tomorrow.  I will get a little certificate showing that I participated and hopefully I will see them in a photo on the posts,

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie......Oi, Oi, Oi !


  1. I am sitting here in England, ROARING with laughter at your brilliance! (Both in the items you have made and at your last words in the post!) :O)))))))))))) Thank you....

  2. They are amazing. I love the Aussie one and the lifesaver one is so fun I can hardly stand it!

    I love that feeling when something is finished of "That's exactly how I imagined it " . It's one of the best feelings ever.

    Congrats on being internationally famous in advance.

  3. Oh my! These are so good!! I love them and yes sooooo AUSSIE!!!!!!

  4. They are absolutely brilliant, you are a star Jenni. Oh I can't wait to see photos of them in situ!

  5. Oh my heavens you are funny! I love your sense of humor and your creativity.

  6. They are stunning! And yes, very Australian...
    Well done :) I LOVE the bright colours!

  7. You clever aussie chick! The tail at the back was worth the price of admission. You shame me, though - I haven't got a gorilla bone in my body. Brilliant!

  8. They're brilliant!!!! What a great job.


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