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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthdays are great

Today Cullen turns 8!!  So exciting....

He was up at 5:30 and we have spent today having cake, greeting family, opening presents and eating lollies until you feel sick.   We also made a stack of cup cakes to be taken to school tomorrow.  Lots of licking the bowl and eating icing!  Right now the men of the house are watching Star Wars and moaning about having sore tummies,  Sugar overload!!

I've been catching up in Blogland and have almost finished a Cowl I have been making out of the most delicious sock wool.  It comes from Dragonflyfibres and has been dyed the most beautiful colours that were inspired by the desert flowers.   I was lucky enough to win it in an auction in aid of raising money for the Floods in Toowoomba. 

I love it when you are knitting and you get to the point where you can really feel the weight of the project, which is not long before it gets too heavy to be comfortable but when you are doing a small project its fabulous.....means you are almost finished!!

I have combined the sock yarn which is superwash merino and sea cell with another ball of mohair in a similar colour range. It was a project that was printed in the Better Homes and Gardens knitting insert last month and it makes for an unusual Cowl with a lovely mixed texture pattern.  Nice and easy just knit and purl stitches and round and round and round.  Just right for us up here in the tropics, not too heavy and hardly any bulk....perfect for those chilly winter mornings on the Tablelands!

I will leave you with this lovely photo of Cullen singing the puppy to sleep on his belly,  too cute!  It was working too, puppy's idea of heaven   :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Trying something new....

For a long time now I have been admiring quilts from afar but no more!  Hubby asked for a quilt and in my shock I actually went out and bought the fabric and a pattern, I guess that means that now I have to make one!!   Don't hold your breath though it will take me a while to get my head around it....

You know the drill  FTF      :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011


I am in Awe ....

More stunning and inspirational feltart by Stephanie Metz here....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Jack Russell Terriers!

 Jesse has got to be the most adorable JRT ever!!

Now with a bit of clicker training I wonder if I can get Russell to take out the garbage????

More FTF here, come and join us  :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

300ml or is that 12 Inches

We have had twelve inches, One whole foot of rain in the last two weeks, and it is still raining!  In fact I think it has been raining now since Christmas....

I think me and my horse buddies are growing mould!  I almost need scuba equipment to go and feed them. It is inches deep in mud in front of the stables and the front lawn in definitely squelchy....

My poor Guinea Fowl are getting sodden and waterlogged and all the chickens are getting webbed feet and starting to Quack....

I don't think Petal's puppies have seen the sun....

I have given up wearing a raincoat, I seem to get just as wet if I have one on as when I don't....

TV is being used to entertain the bored boys as the rain usually turns into a torrential downpour right on school pickup time, and I am sure someone just mentioned Cyclone while watching the weather???

But it is looking lovely and GREEN   :-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Favourite Things Friday


I haven't joined in for ages but these little guys sure do make me smile so I thought I would share....

Don't you just love them!   Its not only my boys who are addicted to them  :-)

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Giveaway, A Winner and a Quandary....

Hooray we have a winner for my lovely book  'Pass me a Smile' by Toyoko Sugiwaka

Fruitful Fusion!   Congratulations, I know you and your children are going to love this book!  Contact me with your postal details and it will be on its way :-)

Don't you just love how serious the boys look when doing the draw for me.  I could use the random number generator but it wouldn't be half as much fun!  

First of all thank you for being so patient with me.  This year has been rushing past so fast and it seems that there are so many things to be done and never enough time to get them done.  It was going to be the year that I got rid of all the unnecessary and cleared the clutter so I could focus on what was really important to me.  

I feel that this year has had a huge start and I feel that I am struggling to keep up and to come to terms with it all.  

I am feeling the sadness from all around and I confess it has made me feel that I am being selfish by doing my blogging.  So many other people are really struggling and I am frittering away time telling everyone how wonderfully creative I have been.  

Is anyone else feeling like this??  I love catching up on my bloglist and seeing what all the lovely creative people have been doing and what is inspiring them.  It inspires me.  I read what you have all been doing and get glimpses into your lives and am amazed by how we can now connect with friends all over the world.   I would miss the connection terribly if I stopped as it can be quite isolating here in the 'Far North' where I live. 

Maybe this low is still me getting over the Shingles that I had in January?  Maybe its hormonal as it is 'That time of my life' and the Pause has a lot to answer for??   I'm not sure but I do know that for me it is a Quandary....Do I or Do I not Blog??  

I have done the original year that I had intended and now have a 'record' of one year of my creative life.  I also enjoy the writing process.  I don't profess to be any sort of Jane Eyre but putting thoughts down on paper so to speak gives me some satisfaction and  contentment and gets it out of my head (it gets pretty cluttered up there these days LOL)  I know I would not stop visiting everyone else's blog and leaving comments because I love seeing what you have all been up to and it helps me feel connected as I mentioned before.

So for me right now the catch-cry is 'One moment at a time'  and I just do what I can do and let go of the rest.  I light a candle and send my blessings to those in need and am grateful for the blessings in our lives.

How are you coping with all the News that has been happening this year??

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weird Science


I've been feeling a bit stressed lately but maybe I should be careful with my yoga????

The end of the month has crept up on me rather quickly, just finishing off some bookwork and then I will draw for my Giveaway!  Should be tomorrow, thanks for being  patient  :-)