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Monday, March 14, 2011

300ml or is that 12 Inches

We have had twelve inches, One whole foot of rain in the last two weeks, and it is still raining!  In fact I think it has been raining now since Christmas....

I think me and my horse buddies are growing mould!  I almost need scuba equipment to go and feed them. It is inches deep in mud in front of the stables and the front lawn in definitely squelchy....

My poor Guinea Fowl are getting sodden and waterlogged and all the chickens are getting webbed feet and starting to Quack....

I don't think Petal's puppies have seen the sun....

I have given up wearing a raincoat, I seem to get just as wet if I have one on as when I don't....

TV is being used to entertain the bored boys as the rain usually turns into a torrential downpour right on school pickup time, and I am sure someone just mentioned Cyclone while watching the weather???

But it is looking lovely and GREEN   :-)


  1. Oh my goodness Jenni you are having so much rain! We haven't had rain for ages and then suddenly last night it started to pour down and it hasn't stopped yet. We really need it though as it is so dry here. Your poor Giuneas and chickens/ducks:) Hope it stops soon there by you Jenni and I hope there is no cyclone on its way!
    Take care

  2. You poor things -Ive been thinking of you being water logged and wondered if YOU had started quacking yet.

    But it is lovely and green do live in a part of the country that only has two seasons ...wet and dry!

  3. I love these photos Jenni-they make me feel all cozy for some reason-and check out your kick ass tattoo, thats a bit cool.
    I am grateful for the rain and frustrated by it in equal measures but we haven't had even a fraction of whats fallen (befallen?) around you. During class the other day we were shown a large poster with lots of maps of Australia on it-a century worth-shaded for blue for above or yellow for below annual rainfall...lots of dry, lots and lots of yellow and then a years or two at most blue seemed to be the overall pattern...Your soggy animals will thrive in the rich seasons ahead, xokate

  4. At least you are all still smiling. Love that tattoo!

  5. It does indeed look green and lovely. I like the first picture with the mist and your horse in the distance. Hope you don't get any other extreme and unwelcome weather conditions, stay safe.

  6. Wow! That is a lot of rain!!! You're right, it does make beautiful lush greeness but the sun! Oh the sun! We're just over cast here and drizzly and I miss it. Can't imagine that much water.

    Grown gills yet?

  7. Dash robin named my reaction to the pictures, too. Then made me laugh out loud. I can just hear the rain, loud on the tin roofs - my barn roof is metal, too, and can turn a light snow into the sound of a total downpour. Your green is SO green. When I shoot my pasture and show you, you'll know what I'm saying. Strange how something that can be such a blessing, if you get too much of it, can start to be a big, fat, burden. We're dry the past couple of days, and grabbed the moment to drag the pasture. Now I won't mind rain because I've dropped in seed.

    But I developed my own technique of getting from one place to the other in the stable area without losing my boots to the mud. Keep your chin up - Noah will be done with you yet.

  8. Goodness me what a lot of rain!
    Nice to see what you look like!
    Jen would you like to pop over to SIBOL, AND also Flickr and 'add note' if you can to your square on Circle of Friends, it is finsihed now, and i love it.
    Hugs suex

  9. It does look lovely and green Jenni. Hope it dries up a bit soon so you can all dry out. xx

  10. thats a lot of rain! I loved the first picture, those trees are so lovely and tall! And yes, the tattoo is kick-ass for sure! Love it! I think we need a close up and a bit of background on that one!!!

  11. I do feel for you Jenni but I have to say your post did make me giggle. As I was reading it I did think how lush and green it all looks even if a tad muddy and :D

    who needs a raincoat anyway ;-) x

  12. Wow... more rain!?! I have to admit I am incredibly jealous. Apart from a very brief freak storm in the upper tips of Perth (so I saw none of it) there has been no rain here since I don't know when. Late Jan/early Feb perhaps. And there have been maybe 4 days that have been under 30 so far this year. We are all over the heat and dryness over here probably as much as you are over the wet wet.

    That green is very lovely though!


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