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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthdays are great

Today Cullen turns 8!!  So exciting....

He was up at 5:30 and we have spent today having cake, greeting family, opening presents and eating lollies until you feel sick.   We also made a stack of cup cakes to be taken to school tomorrow.  Lots of licking the bowl and eating icing!  Right now the men of the house are watching Star Wars and moaning about having sore tummies,  Sugar overload!!

I've been catching up in Blogland and have almost finished a Cowl I have been making out of the most delicious sock wool.  It comes from Dragonflyfibres and has been dyed the most beautiful colours that were inspired by the desert flowers.   I was lucky enough to win it in an auction in aid of raising money for the Floods in Toowoomba. 

I love it when you are knitting and you get to the point where you can really feel the weight of the project, which is not long before it gets too heavy to be comfortable but when you are doing a small project its fabulous.....means you are almost finished!!

I have combined the sock yarn which is superwash merino and sea cell with another ball of mohair in a similar colour range. It was a project that was printed in the Better Homes and Gardens knitting insert last month and it makes for an unusual Cowl with a lovely mixed texture pattern.  Nice and easy just knit and purl stitches and round and round and round.  Just right for us up here in the tropics, not too heavy and hardly any bulk....perfect for those chilly winter mornings on the Tablelands!

I will leave you with this lovely photo of Cullen singing the puppy to sleep on his belly,  too cute!  It was working too, puppy's idea of heaven   :-)


  1. Che belli i compleanni ... a tutte le eta'

  2. Happy Birthday Cullen!

    That picture of the puppy with Cullen is too cute.

    Gorgeous wool Jenni- utterly gorgeous.I looked at wool today at Spotlight and then talked myself out of it. Too many quilts to make and stitching to get done!

  3. Well, I can understand the puppy = someone crooning to you, the heart rhythm there underneath you, the sun on your back. Good-on-ya Cullen! And happy birthday. What a lovely thing, a birthday with a mother around to make it sweet. And the yarn. LOVE-ly.

  4. Happy Birthday Cullen!

    That cowl looks wonderful! Love the colours.


  5. Happy birthday to the boy! What a lovely picture of him and the puppy. Definitely one for the album. Your wool looks fabulous.

  6. That yarn you're working with is beautiful, very covetable! It's going to be really gorgeous when it's finished, your cowl. And the puppy photo! How absolutely sweeeeet is that! Your son is a natural. A belated happy Birthday to Cullen! Love Vanessa xxx

  7. Love the cowl! It looks wonderful! And happy birthday to Cullen too!

  8. Hi Jenni, that is lovely yarn and looks like it'll make a cosy cowl. Happy birthday to Cullen, sounds like you all had a fun day!

  9. Happy Birthday Cullen !!

    ...don't you love how the little critters love to wake up early, then stuff their faces, watch TV moaning of full bellys, sounds like home..ahhaha
    Great photos of Cullen btw, and hope the day was just perfect for him :D

    Looking forward to seeing your knitting done with pics please :D


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