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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


  1. So it's still raining at your place then ?

  2. Ah, Jenn. I love wordless WED because I can get a story, but it doesn't take long. And for me, lagging all the time, it's lovely. I see the rain, but the impact for me of this shot is the way the orange crocks become soft and diffused in the water - and the dark green surrounding them. This is a very satisfying while provocative shot. It may have made my day, actually.

  3. Oh MY GOSH! It looks like you've had a very, very, ton-load of rain downfall, I hope it's just the ground that's soaked through? Love Vanessa xxx

  4. The orange somehow makes it happy. Like ducks feet. :) Happy ducks feet splashing about. I do hope you dry out soon though....... that is a ton of rain!!


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