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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Rabbit

This is my 'Lucy'....

She has been following along with your blogs and she want's to go travelling.  She has been pestering me to ask you for ages.  She is going on a holiday with Aunty Carolyne to Brisbane at the beginning of May and she is so excited.  This means that she is already taking the first step of her journey  (it's all she talks about )....

So....can she come and visit??  She doesn't eat much and she promises to help with the chores and behave herself.   She will have her own bag and that will contain all her mum's contact details and the promise of a return flight home if she decides she is getting homesick.  

She wants to know if any of my readers who live near Brisbane (or any who don't, she can pop in the post) would care to have her stay for a while? 

Her mum is a bit worried about her and so she is just asking for a few requirements if she comes to your house.

- Please contact me and let me know that she has arrived.  Put a post on your blog asking for a place to stay so she doesn't wear out her welcome, and then please let me where she is going next.


-you can tell her to come home first and mum will arrange her next visit, just post a few photos of her visit with you on your blog.

Easy!   Are there any takers???  

And what is mum going to be doing while she is away??  Finishing some of these WIP's....



I've been practising some new fancy stitches on a few headbands.  Just small projects to see how the stitches go and how the colours play out....

                                      Solomon's or Lover's knot

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter break  :-)


  1. She's always welcome at my place, you know. Rachel and I could show her a grand time. And WOW those new stitches, girl!! Gotta go to bed. I'm pushing the bedtime too hard. Sigh.

  2. More than happy to have Lucy to stay. Let me know if that works for her and you.
    Very cute, and a great idea.

  3. She is more then welcome to come to England if she'd like to. Poppy Cottage is not far from the sea.

    Colette xx

  4. I Love Lucy! - she can come to mine anytime - I`ve got the perfect companion here who would love her to bits too!Although she might be loved so much here, we wouldn`t want to send her on her way so she might have to leave in the dead of night!
    Loving the wip`s - are the sequins attached to the wool in Solomon`s/Lover`s Knot? It`s very pretty yarn. Have a great Easter Weekend, Jenni. x

  5. Ha, ha-that's brilliant! Tell Lucy to come on over! Sounds wonderfully fun! Will write to you now :o)

  6. Hello,

    i like your fantastik Handcraft

    happy Eastern
    greatings send you Conny

  7. I think Lucy needs to come and visit us here in the States. Just ask her and see if that is something she and her Mum would like. We'd welcome her with open arms and smiles and what a fun time we'd give her!

  8. Looks like Lucy will be well received all over the world Jenni!
    Loving the entrelac, wow you! It's going to look fantastic!
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend!
    p.s Who feeds animals chocolate? THats crazy!!!!

  9. p.p.s!!!!ooh ooh and speaking of animals (and chocolate) how are those new puppies!!! Do you have any cutie photos of them for us!!!???!!!

  10. Hello Jenny,\

    now i make the hat and scarf in my photo not self.Bad i wil lerning that.Sorry my engels ist very bad.I can not good reading.
    greatings send you Conny

  11. ahhaha.. Lucy is terrific and I love your headbands particularly the Solomon's Knot, so pretty.

  12. Lucy is always welcome over here in the West! I'm sure we could get up to lots of adventures...

    Looks like Mum is going to have lots of time to get chopping on those WIPs! Very fancy new stitches they are too :)

  13. Oh Pick me. I'd love to have Lucy as a house guest. I'd love to have a friend to take to High Tea somewhere swish. Does she drink cocktails?

  14. We would love for Lucy to come over and visit here in South Africa! Your WIPs are beautiful, I love the entrelac especially, is it difficult?
    Take care


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