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Friday, April 29, 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

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I lived in London when I was in my early 20's and I used to ride my bike to work across town and thru Hyde Park and often see the Royal Household Cavalry training. Grans house was near the Royal Mews so I would also see all the gorgeous horses getting spruced up for some lovely occasion.

And isn't a Royal Wedding one of the best occasions!

This Friday I would have to say that one of my favourite things is Pomp and Ceremony....

How fantastic that this Friday is the Royal Wedding of William and Kate!

I have had this picture on my inspiration board for years.....

I LOVE that horse in front carrying the drums....

My Grandma and I would walk down the Mall to see the Trooping of the Colour. I love these days of pomp and ceremony, they remind me of my Grandma and hayfever, but mostly of my Grandma. :-)

My parents are in London at the moment visiting my brother, I wonder if they will pop out for a look at the Royals?? Wish I was staying with them right now....

Instead I am off to my SIL's house now to watch the whole thing on TV and I am leaving the boys at home with their dad to watch the history channel.....can't wait!


  1. What lovely memories. The horses are spectacular in all their finery not to mention the soldiers. Hope you enjoy the Royal Wedding.

  2. All the pre-wedding stuff is on the TV right now... I'm a bit bummed that The Chaser aren't going to be hosting a version.

  3. Thanks for sharing the memories of liviing in London. Hope you are enjoying the wedding. I caught a bit on the web this morning.

  4. I've been watching the festivities for 2 hours now and it's so cool. We all need to witness fairy tales come true.

  5. I am not all about the Royals and the pomp and ceremony, but I love that it reminds you of your grandmother.

    I also love doing special things with my sisters.

    Hope you have a great Friday.

  6. I love the picture with all the flags!

  7. it really was beautiful - almost like a Disney story come to life!

  8. When I got married, my inlaws ordered a horse and carriage to take my husband to the reception hall. We were both so sick though and it was a snowy December night, we didn't get to ride in the horse drawn sleigh actually...... Such a bummer. Maybe for an anniversary!

    Have fun watching the wedding!!

  9. I went over to my mum's and we all watched it together! I SO miss London now!

  10. I went out but have taped it and watched the last part at Buckingham Palace last night. In the UK the do pomp and ceremony so well. I'm so pleased that this brings back such lovely memories for you.

  11. Nobody does tradition better than the Royals and they sure know how to throw a wedding. That's my absolute favourite picture of Kate and Wills because it's so natural.

    I'm a bit envious that you lived in London and got to see some pomp first hand Jenni!

    Hope you had fun with your sister in law watching it all on TV!

    Happy Favourite Things Friday.

  12. Must say I was thinking that I wouldn't watch it but I put the TV on and it sucked me in. It was lovely loved every bit of it in fact and watched it through to 10 o'clock.

  13. I visited the Royal Mews with School. We've all been on such a buzz haven't we with one thing and another! Busy Royal Wedding and Busy week for SIBOL. SUCCESSFUL TOO!
    Thanks for your kind comments,
    I think everyone has enjoyed the Wedding!
    Hugs Suex

  14. I hope you enjoyed your day :D

    I watched some of it and I thought Kate, Will and bridal party looked fantastic. The dress was beautiful.

  15. How lovely to hear of you riding your bike around London. And you're so right, Pomp and Ceremony is fabulous. I hope you enjoyed watching the wedding. I didn't watch it ( we don't have a TV) but I've been enjoying hearing people talk about it and seeing photos.


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