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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Halfway to Heaven....

I recently took part in a yarn swap with the wonderful Kiwiyarns who is lucky enough to live in the wool capital of the world, New Zealand.  Amongst the gorgeous choices of wool that are available to her is a blend of Possum and merino by Zelana....

I have been reading her posts about how lovely possum is and then Alice knitted some gorgeous arm warmers in some and I just had to have a try.   Kiwiyarns sent me two balls of the Zealana Kauri which is a merino/possum/silk blend in a fingering weight and another ball of the Zelana Kiwi which is Merino/organic cotton/possum and in a lace weight (enough to make a shawlette)  How Lucky am I!!  This wool is gorgeous, so soft and cuddly and I couldn't wait to get started.

I have used Kiwiyarns Reversable Fingerless Gloves pattern.  I loved her pattern for the Fingerless Cabled Gloves but as I was knitting in quite a small gauge and the wool is quite fine I wasn't sure how well the cable would have worked and this wool is too nice to experiment with!  

I have added a small Fairaisle pattern to mine because I loved the colour of the wool I made the cowl out of recently, the cowl was a gift and I had just enough left over for me ....

I am really happy with these gloves....

However I had seen a nice shell edging on another pair and felt it was just what mine needed to compliment the fairaisle pattern....

So I am halfway!!  Halfway to heaven in some absolutely delicious yummy luscious balls of fabulous softness ( I hope the 'second glove' equals the first!)

On Friday the school had their district cross country race, it should have been called cross swamp race!  So glad I didn't have to run the 2kms that Cullen did, in the rain....


  1. Those gloves are gorgeous! I love the adaptations you made - the fair isle butterflies look so pretty!! Thanks for sharing them. You've made my day. :-)

  2. they look wonderful Jenni! Oh dear, possum merino is a lethal addiction! If you need more I suggest the Wool Company, they are online and have the cheapest possum merino anywhere!!! Looking forward to seeing that last glove!

  3. Such soft looking yarn and the armwarmers are just so very very pretty. Cullen doesn't look too bothered by his experience! ;O)

  4. You're so darn creative! I love the edging on that glove.

    Poor Cullen. He doesnt look like he hated the run but I'm sure I would have!

    Not only are you an absolute doll , you're educating me too ...I wandered off to see what fingering weight was!

  5. Love the gloves, the fair isle pattern is great, but when on earth are you going to wear them in FNQ?

  6. Goodness you are truly in love with this yarn! Lovely photo of your son too!
    Thanks for the kind comments on SIBOL, very much appreciated!
    Hugs suex

  7. That glove does look snuggly delicious. How are you at knitting the second? Am such a SHOCKER at coming through with a PAIR of anything (crafty attention deficit issues over here)...

  8. Ah, mud suits Cullen. He looks very happy and handsome in it. And possum. I am skeptical. I'd be afraid to leave the gloves around in case the dogs got close to them. Especially after they are all shelled and fairisled in that charming fashion. Possum wool???? Really????? New Zealand is really a strange place -

  9. The glove is just beautiful!!! Possum........ I'd not have thought but..... wow! Just gorgeous. Is it soft?

    Boys and mud. They just naturally go together.... can't keep em' apart so why try.

  10. ahahha love the gloves and your Cullen looks like mine when he gets home from school ;D


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