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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Much....

How much wood would a wood chuck  chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

About as much wood as a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood....

Its getting colder and the firewood season has just started.  Billy makes extra money for the tattoos selling loads of split firewood,  looks like it was a big start to the season!  The helpers earn themselves a bit of pocket money for helping out and go for a drive with Dad, so its smiles all round  :-)

One down and about 9 to go!!  The Alice Springs Beanie Festival is happening in June this year and entries have to be in by the beginning of June....better get my skates on!

Can you guess who is going to the Festival?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  It was sunny all weekend and I didn't hear one squelch in the grass at all!


  1. Oh - the BEANIE!! How wonderful. How magic and tiny and cool and wow. Your man is a wood cutting machine - I should have a splitter like that. And we had sun all weekend, too. I sprayed the burrs and fertilized the entire pasture, and now the small of my back is sore and stiff - but it's done!! And I walked on TOP of the mud in the arena. And the river's at the same level. And I love how your boys know how to work. And I wanna go with you to the rest. Alice Springs = I've only read about it.

  2. It was a lovely weekend here too Jenni. Glad you got some sun for a change!

    A beanie festival strikes me as rather amusing and a lot of fun.

  3. the weather was lovely here too Jenni! But today, brrr, dropped stright to 11 degrees from 17 yesterday, Raymond is freezing his ass off! Your beanies are so cute and a beanie fest sounds sooooooo fun! And loving your arm warmers all finished, they look fab on!

  4. That little hat is so freaking cute jenni! So beautifully made too! how cool you are going to the beanie festival-it sounds like such fun, I hope you have an absolutely ace time!

  5. Oh that little tiny beanie is just the cutest dang thing!

    It reminds me of my oldest sisters gift to my dad years ago. She had the hardest time thinking of what to get him for Christmas. What do you get an avid skier who has everything???? She knit a little hat like that to go on his nose. :D A nose warmer.

    I shall NOT show my boys this post. They will drool with envy and ask me why we don't have a log splitter to which if they did see this, I'd reply, I do! Several!! Named, Mr. B, Mr. T, and Mr. C!! :D


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