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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh I do wish it were me....

Sadly it is not I who is going to Alice Springs (although I would love to go)....

It's Calvin....

Cassowary Tea Cozie extraordinaire....

I think he is quite excited and looking forward to the adventure!


  1. Calvin is absolutely gorgeous and his hat is just perfect, I hope he can see ok under it.. What a hoot, absolutely love the first photo.

  2. Falling about with laughter over here in Blighty! BRILLIANT Jenni, just brilliant!

  3. Bloody Calvin! He has all the fun.

    He really is so funny you know. I smile every time I see him!

  4. I have to say, though - it's hard, with Calvin, to tell when he's excited. He has this - easy going nature. And, I mean - he is just naturally blue, jah? But he looks brilliant in that beanie. Brilliant. And if he doesn't win you a prize, then I will swear off all desire whatsoever to ever, ever fly seventeen hours just to see Alice Springs. Sure he can't take you as a plus one?

  5. ahahaha... I LOVE Calvin and even though I don't drink tea he certainly looks inviting and may be able to sway me into one :D

  6. Oh he is too funny...I have a brother in law named resemblance (hahaha)I love it.
    Come to my blog I am having a blog give away.

  7. Oh my gosh I am splitting my guts and insides with laughter! If that isn't the funniest thing ever!!! Forget the rubber chicken! Calvin is the bomb!

  8. That is so wonderfully wonderful!!

  9. Hazel is quite envious of Calvin's sporty hat!

  10. Oh Calvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are quite simply, ADORABLE! Love Vanessa xxx

  11. That is BLOODY FANTASTIC! Wow. How could I miss him. Brilliant.

    Did he WIN? Did he?

    Well done you.


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