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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Real Champion....

RUSSELL   (Snake charmer and father to many adorable puppies)

I don't have very many photos of Russell.  True to type as a Jack Russell, he was always on the move.

Thank you for being a big part of our family Russell, you were the best!  

Rest in Peace brave man....


  1. He looks so cheeky Jenni. Sorry to hear he is no longer round to make you smile and laugh.

  2. Love to your family.
    Rest in peace Russell.

  3. Love to you and yours Jenni.
    xo xo

  4. Oh, honey!! What a year this has been. You lost Russell? I'm so sorry. You must feel pretty dang wrung out. Bless your hearts. I don't know how I'd live through this kind of thing if I weren't absolutely convinced that animals have souls. But I am convinced. And I believe they are loved and cared about after death, too. Just keep breathing, Jen. Sun's got to come out soon.

  5. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this Jenni.

  6. I think he was a very lucky dog to have had you lot as owners..........

  7. What a lovely life he must have had on your farm with you! So sorry to hear you've lost a little love...the photos you have show him having a wonderful time, so cherish the spirit in them! Big hugs, xxoo Kate

  8. Sorry to hear about your beloved Russell is gone he is a cutie :)


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