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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Share the Love...

If this doesn't make you start tapping your toes then you are dead on the sofa  ;-)

Have a great start to Easter everyone....

Here in Australia it is the start of a 5 day long weekend!!!!  Can you imagine what it is like out in town tonight???

I will leave that to your imagination.....

ENJOY  :-)  Watch it on the big screen or you miss half the wedding party....


  1. That is so funny> I can tell you if it was a little more like that and not so stuffy then there would be even more people looking forward to next weekend.

    But being British......we couldn't possibly do that!!

    Could one?

  2. WAIT A SEC!! My comment disappeared. How in heck did I do that? Now I've got to remember it all. Great fun, that!! Wish it were really like that - people dancing and having a glorious celebration. Pomp is all well and good, but I like joy better. And church men should be able to smile broadly and welcome the congregation into the joy, so I don't find it even a bit irreverent - now I wanna dance too!! Wanna go for a ride in the rain?????

    Wonder what happened to the one I just wrote? PHooey.

  3. I love that ad. Imagine if the wedding really was like that.

    Have a fun Easter Jenni.Im planning to enjoy the 5 day break immensely!

  4. Thank you for your card Jenni! God bless you and yours. Happy Easter to you as well. :D Thanks for the smiles.

  5. Loved this !! :D

    Happy Easter to you Jenni and your family :)


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