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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (almost)....

I spotted the boys playing on my old TB 'Tally' in the paddock,  first time they have had the courage to climb up by themselves....
(they are about 200mtrs away, sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy but I didn't want them to start posing)


  1. Fabtastic pictures of kids having fun and doing what kids should be doing! Enjoying outside and animals. Gosh your paddock looks pretty!

  2. Lovely. One good thing coming of all this rain (which we are getting too, unceasingly - wasn't there a promise made to Noah?) is this emerald green. The grass is happy, at least. I'm glad the boys got the courage. There's something healthy about the interplay with horses. And TB is such a dear, patient heart. I was seeing him in my heart as a lighter color - I wonder why? Bless his heart.

  3. Wow! How wonderful Tally must be to be so patience and unconcerned. Lovely to see kids out having some fun.

  4. Menopausal musing has left a new comment on your post "Wordless Wednesday (almost)....":

    Very special......... and I just love the look of the area where you live with all its trees..........

  5. Great to see kids just being kids and doing what they do best - having fun!

  6. Brave boys and beautiful backdrop :D

  7. That is one gorgeous and special moment you captured. I love that they didn't notice you and so didn't change their behaviur either.
    Have a great week Jenni. X

  8. I can still remember the day. The day I climbed up on a fence and sloooooooowly placed my leg across our horses sun warmed back and the exhileration when I was safely on her back and nothing horrible happened. And then...... I squeezed and clucked!!! And held on for dear life!!! And the feeling of accomplishment and the reality of hugeness as I sat on our mares back as she walked off with me on her back and wandered around.

    That was the first time and not the last. Emboldened, I did it often. For many many years until she had to be put down when I was a teenager.

    I'll never forget that day. I was LITTLE. I remember thinking, if my mother caught me, I'd be dead! :D


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