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Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I am Crying.....

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the kindest.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Today is again Sunday!  My the weeks are flying past,  I can't believe it is almost the middle of the year.  Where has the time gone??

I have been creative in my PJ's again but this week it was on Thursday night...

I was in Cairns at Spotlight on Thursday and saw this lovely fleece material.  Nice camouflage, just what the boys would love and as it has been getting a bit chilly in the evenings and early mornings I thought this fleece would be perfect for a little project I have had up my sleeve for a while.

I made a QUILT!!!   

Well a sort of quilt, it has a front and a back but I have to admit that I didn't sew it!!

Want to see the No Sew Quilt??

Here is how I made it....

What you need:

- fleece material that is the same colour on the   front and back, I had 5 metres to make two blankets.

- Scissors
- Ruler

Fold the material in half and cut so that you have two rectangles the same size. I did this twice as I was making two blankets.  Lay the fleece on a table with the wrong sides placed together.

Decide how long you would like the fringe around the edge and cut all four corners away to this length.  My fringe is going to be 4inches long.
(love how I have combined the imperial and metric measurements, shows my age!)
Sorry the photos are a bit blurry but it was the evening, the light was terrible and I had two eager recipients waiting...

Measure and cut the fringe all the way around.  (all sides of the blanket).   My fringe is 4 inches long and about a ruler width.

Here is my project manager!  How cute is her little face  :-)

Now here is the fun part!  No Sew....
Just tie the two sides together with a double knot (reef for those who like neatness) and work your way around the blanket until you have finished.

The blanket will bunch up a bit from tying the knots so when you have finished just gently stretch it back to the original shape.  It will tear the fringe cuts a bit more but the good thing about fleece is that it does not fray so you can gently ease it out and it looks great.

The first blanket took about 1 hour to make and because it was getting late and the boys were waiting and I am a cheat......I didn't even measure the second one!   Just cut and tied.  Half an hour tops!!  

So do I qualify for making a quilt?? or am I being just a bit too cheeky  ;-)

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Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Hooray it is FTF!  I love Fridays and the feeling that it is the last day of the working week, the boys have 2 days off and we don't have the busy school runs and it is almost Sunday which means I get to sleep in and Billy does the Dad thing for the day.

This week when I was in Cairns I found in a small bakery....BAGELS!!

One of my favourite things is a bagel and unfortunately we don't get them up here.  No idea why??  I miss them so much I even have plans occasionally to boil and bake my own (who am I kidding!)

When I lived in Sydney at Bondi Beach I used to have bagels on the weekends for breakfast and if I am honest probably lunch and tea, beat cooking properly.

So today I got to have one of my all time favourite things for lunch....

A smoked salmon, cream cheese and caper bagel.  If I had had any rocket that would have also been added....Delicious!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jumper OR Sweater??

Now here is a canny idea no??

I loved this!     Must be my Scottish heritage showing.   :-)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lucy's Travels

I just had a note from 'Lucy' to say she is having a fabulous holiday!

Want to see what she has been up to with Kate and her Family? 

Click here Dash Robin Designs

I wish she had let me carry her bag....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

It's Sunday!  

Hubby is at work all day today so its a great excuse to spend the day in our PJ's  :-)

The boys are getting to know all about electricity with a fantastic set that Grandpop sent home with us when we last visited Sydney.  See they made a light!

I have been finishing a present for my horse riding buddy, Ebony.  She is turning 18 next month and asked me to knit her something.  

Ebony explained the mystery of crochet to me so how could I refuse to knit her a present  :-)  
Ebony has also just got a job at a horse riding establishment as a trainee horse riding instructor.  Right up her alley and I know she is going to love it.  
It means that I probably won't be seeing her as much for a ride here, as its a bit of a travel for her to work and I imagine the last thing she will want to do on her days off is ride horses.

So a sneak peak.....can't show you the pattern as it would spoil the surprise.  All Ebony knows is that I have made her fingerless gloves.  I figured that she will need something to keep her hands warm on those early morning starts.

Want to see who else has been creative in their pyjamas this Sunday?? 

Pop over HERE  and enjoy your weekend  :-)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good old Aussie History....

Check out Jayson Watkin's (a friend of ours) site HERE and see what a fabulous adventure these guys are having riding the Drovers stock route. 

1000km  from Kununurra  in the Northern Territory, to Camooweal in Queensland, Australia. 

All to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctors and to relive a lifestyle of the past.     

Would I have liked to have gone with them....Oh Yes, You Bet!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Astounding Knits....

Recently I was lucky enough to win a copy of Lela Nargi's Astounding Knits! 101 Spectacular Knitted Creations and Daring Feats.

This book is fabulous and such inspiration for me who loves all things quirky and has ambitions of one day doing just such things. The odd knitting not the book writing :-)

Want to see what's in the book?

Head over to Lela's blog and here to the books blog that she has set up as a taste of some of the brilliant creativity she has featured in her book.

Here are a couple of animated films that have been made featuring knitting.... Brilliant! And the amount of work that must have gone into making these, the mind boggles!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crafty days....

I did a spot of badge making on Thursday at the local coffee shop 'Groovalicious'.
We had a choice of many materials but as always I was drawn to the felt.
I made this little one for my MIL for Mothers Day.
Hubby went and chopped down some shrubs in her garden that had gotten way out of hand but it is always nice to get a little present too....

Then I did some extreme knitting, such fun....

This is a sort of inspriation/memento/like board that I have in the hallway.
I add things and take things away occasionally when it gets too cluttered and it is usually where my precious little items go so I can see them often and they don't get lost the big picture....

See how cute this little badge turned out, I love it....

Did you notice my little Pony? 'Pumpkin' is a present from a special friend who is very talented with the needle and felt, you should see her creations, they are are gorgeous.
I have long admired her little horses that she makes and look what arrived in the mail one very own pony! Isn't he sweet and in my favourite colours too....

Here are some more of my favourite colours....

Lovely delicious squishy soft wool, all ready to knit or spin....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

POP over here to join in!

I am a bit late this week and although Sunday was not spent in my PJ's yesterday was....     
(sorry no pictures  ;-) )

I did get crafty though and finished my Quant Headband ....

I really enjoyed how this pattern developed.  I am not a stripy gal so sock yarn has always been a  kind of love /hate relationship.  Love the feel of it and the colours and how nice it is to knit with  BUT not stripes please....

Well how cool is this!!!  I  LOVE it and I think there will be more of this entrelac knitting from now on.  
PS  Those are my PJ's  :-)

Monday, May 2, 2011

She's Leaving on a Jet Plane....

All her bags are packed and she's ready to go....

'Lucy' is on her way!  

Aunty Carolyne has taken her on the plane to Brisbane to keep her company while she visits the Doctors and then she will be meeting up with Kate of Dash Robin Design so she can spend some time with her and her family.

After Kate's she will be visiting a few more friends in Australia before heading across to New Zealand, South Africa, United States and finally the United Kingdom.  What a holiday, I should have offered to carry her bags!