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Monday, May 9, 2011

Crafty days....

I did a spot of badge making on Thursday at the local coffee shop 'Groovalicious'.
We had a choice of many materials but as always I was drawn to the felt.
I made this little one for my MIL for Mothers Day.
Hubby went and chopped down some shrubs in her garden that had gotten way out of hand but it is always nice to get a little present too....

Then I did some extreme knitting, such fun....

This is a sort of inspriation/memento/like board that I have in the hallway.
I add things and take things away occasionally when it gets too cluttered and it is usually where my precious little items go so I can see them often and they don't get lost the big picture....

See how cute this little badge turned out, I love it....

Did you notice my little Pony? 'Pumpkin' is a present from a special friend who is very talented with the needle and felt, you should see her creations, they are are gorgeous.
I have long admired her little horses that she makes and look what arrived in the mail one very own pony! Isn't he sweet and in my favourite colours too....

Here are some more of my favourite colours....

Lovely delicious squishy soft wool, all ready to knit or spin....


  1. I LOVE everything in your post all so lovely and the yarn YUM - great colours !

  2. Ok seeing as how I buy all my wool from the supermarket or Spotlight (I just felt all your knitting friends cringe and make the sign of the cross in my general direction)seeing your gorgeous pictures I can now see the difference between what I buy and what you buy. I guess that means you're serious about that knitting gig huh?

    I love the idea of your inspiration board. Im going to try that at my place. Cute horse and I love the little badges.

  3. Yay!!!! You got a pony!!! Oh that makes me just peachy happy.

    That is a great idea. Your board. I just might steal it. The idea. Not your board. :D

    Your badges are brilliant. I hope you had a happy mother's day as well.

  4. A love fest for the eyes. Love the colors - and the yarn and roving. I can feel my hands itching to be the one who dyes them - but am fighting the urge to do yet another crafty art. I am very taken with the board - a place where favorite things can actually seen and lovingly presented. Pumpkin seems very happy there. And you have made me very happy by showing me these things. YAY!!

  5. Oh -wait - didn't mention the badges. They are SO COOL. The knitting one is especially delightful - miniature knitting. Jen, I love visiting you.

  6. What gorgeous badges! Your MIL would have loved receiving the sweet heart. The teeny weeny knitting amazed me!! I noticed the horse as soon as I saw your ideas board, It's so sweet. Life is nice with little treasures like that around you. It was great to see your favourite colours. Those wools are so beautiful.

  7. Your badges are so sweet, you have one lucky MIL, what a lovely surprise for her. The extreme knitting badge is gorgeous with the teeny tiny needles, using toothpicks great ida, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to produce anything worth looking at on those..
    Lover your inspiration board idea too, and the gorgeous Pumpkin, beautiful colours.

  8. Love the pony and your fave colours!

  9. What gorgeous things, love that little knit badge!
    I've herded all my blogs together in one place so please pop over and see me at

  10. Hi Jenni! that little knittng badge is super gorgeous! And I'm loving that yarn, wow, stunning, wanties happening!


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