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Monday, May 16, 2011

Good old Aussie History....

Check out Jayson Watkin's (a friend of ours) site HERE and see what a fabulous adventure these guys are having riding the Drovers stock route. 

1000km  from Kununurra  in the Northern Territory, to Camooweal in Queensland, Australia. 

All to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctors and to relive a lifestyle of the past.     

Would I have liked to have gone with them....Oh Yes, You Bet!!!


  1. Would I have liked to have gone along with you? YOU BET! :)

  2. Shoot - I couldn't get it to start. Probably needs more time to load. But I'll come back when I'm not aching for a shower - I have thought about that. I'd love to ride my Zi on a long journey. I'd love to take that kind of time with him. It's an aspect of him I don't know well - what he's like over the long haul. We've day-ridden the mountains. But this- very diff.

  3. Make that one more!!!If only...

  4. Now that IS an adventure...............


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