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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

POP over here to join in!

I am a bit late this week and although Sunday was not spent in my PJ's yesterday was....     
(sorry no pictures  ;-) )

I did get crafty though and finished my Quant Headband ....

I really enjoyed how this pattern developed.  I am not a stripy gal so sock yarn has always been a  kind of love /hate relationship.  Love the feel of it and the colours and how nice it is to knit with  BUT not stripes please....

Well how cool is this!!!  I  LOVE it and I think there will be more of this entrelac knitting from now on.  
PS  Those are my PJ's  :-)


  1. Your headband looks fabulous Jenni. I love the colour. I'm not a big fan of stripey knitting either.

  2. It's beautiful Jenni. And looks great in your hair. (I wouldnt have known they were pyjamas if you hadnt dobbed yourself in )

  3. nice job. I agree with you about the stripey business in variagated wool but that headband pattern turned out pretty nicely!

  4. the headband looks fantastic with the dreads! Love it!

  5. What a great headband! I love headbands but they look funny on me, makes my head look too round or something. It's fun hearing knitting talk, I can't knit so it all sounds so technical and mysterious.

  6. Entrelac is something I've never tried, but always liked the look of, so your headband is fab! And on a small scale like that, it's a great project for a first time entrelacer! Love Vanessa xxx

  7. Very interesting work, my dear. And looks great on you. I'm going to have to google the entrelac deal. Can't spend Sunday in the PJ's. They'd think it just a titch odd at church. ummm. More odd. But maybe the afternoon -

  8. I love entrelac, haven't done it but want to, it's a great pattern - very cool headband :D

  9. How the heck did you make that?? Way cool!!! I've some sock yarn begging to be made into something rather cool like that..... was it hard?


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