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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

It's Sunday!  

Hubby is at work all day today so its a great excuse to spend the day in our PJ's  :-)

The boys are getting to know all about electricity with a fantastic set that Grandpop sent home with us when we last visited Sydney.  See they made a light!

I have been finishing a present for my horse riding buddy, Ebony.  She is turning 18 next month and asked me to knit her something.  

Ebony explained the mystery of crochet to me so how could I refuse to knit her a present  :-)  
Ebony has also just got a job at a horse riding establishment as a trainee horse riding instructor.  Right up her alley and I know she is going to love it.  
It means that I probably won't be seeing her as much for a ride here, as its a bit of a travel for her to work and I imagine the last thing she will want to do on her days off is ride horses.

So a sneak peak.....can't show you the pattern as it would spoil the surprise.  All Ebony knows is that I have made her fingerless gloves.  I figured that she will need something to keep her hands warm on those early morning starts.

Want to see who else has been creative in their pyjamas this Sunday?? 

Pop over HERE  and enjoy your weekend  :-)


  1. I'm excited to see your knitting, love the colours.
    I spent all day in my pj's today - liberating, lol!

  2. Those fingerless gloves look wonderful and perfect for cold mornings. Cool electricity set!!

  3. Need those gloves here today as its blowing a gale and more autumnal than spring in northern England! She will adore her gift made with love and care - so much nicer to receive.
    PJ days must be great - I've only ever managed half days when my 11 year old on holiday and she is chilling, as someone has always called round and made me feel like a slob!!! Darn it!

  4. I think it's great your boys are doing something educational and fun. Not a video game in sight!

    Seeing your knitting always thrills me . You're so clever and Im sure Ebony will love the gift.

    I was out of my pj's all day for a change. I still dont feel quite right!

  5. Those fingerless gloves look fantastic!! Nothing better than a Sunday in your jammies with a bit of knitting in hand.....
    The electricity set sounds like loads of fun. My boys would love something like that.

  6. ooh wonderful fair isle! aren't you clever! She will adore them for sure!
    Have a lovely week!

  7. GASP! I really did! When I saw the gloves. They are gorgeous and that is just the sneak peak!! I can't wait until you fully unveil.

    PJ days..............I'm all over them. I spend most of my days in them I swear. Mr. J when he gets home from kindergarten EVERY day walks in the door, heads right up the stairs, and changes back into his PJ's. THEN, he comes and talks to me and gets his lunch. Nothing gets in the way of his jammies.

    I'm looking at him right now in his jammies. Went to church, came home, back in his jammies. Yup! He's my son.

  8. I must confess, I too quilt in my PJ's. Hello from the USA and thanks for visiting my blog. I love the boys Lego Blog too!

  9. The fingerless gloves look really pretty - and we are just seeing the inside! Can't wait to see the outside. I have only knit one fair isle project. I would like to make more, but have a bit of a fear about it! I am sure Ebony will love her gift!

  10. Like Rachel's monkey - I went to church and then came straight home, put on the PJs, had hot tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches - now off to bed. How can Ebony help but be bowled over by those lovely gloves. What a girl you are! Hurrah!! Rachel and I'd love to ride, but it would be mud to the knees just now -

  11. ahahaha.. I love PJ days - they happen often around here much to the amusement of my husband as he doesn't seem to understand this level of comfort.

    Love the gloves they look great so far can't wait to see ... it's just started raining here and I've come back from spinning so I'm off to get comfy - in "yes" my PJ's :D


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