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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Today is again Sunday!  My the weeks are flying past,  I can't believe it is almost the middle of the year.  Where has the time gone??

I have been creative in my PJ's again but this week it was on Thursday night...

I was in Cairns at Spotlight on Thursday and saw this lovely fleece material.  Nice camouflage, just what the boys would love and as it has been getting a bit chilly in the evenings and early mornings I thought this fleece would be perfect for a little project I have had up my sleeve for a while.

I made a QUILT!!!   

Well a sort of quilt, it has a front and a back but I have to admit that I didn't sew it!!

Want to see the No Sew Quilt??

Here is how I made it....

What you need:

- fleece material that is the same colour on the   front and back, I had 5 metres to make two blankets.

- Scissors
- Ruler

Fold the material in half and cut so that you have two rectangles the same size. I did this twice as I was making two blankets.  Lay the fleece on a table with the wrong sides placed together.

Decide how long you would like the fringe around the edge and cut all four corners away to this length.  My fringe is going to be 4inches long.
(love how I have combined the imperial and metric measurements, shows my age!)
Sorry the photos are a bit blurry but it was the evening, the light was terrible and I had two eager recipients waiting...

Measure and cut the fringe all the way around.  (all sides of the blanket).   My fringe is 4 inches long and about a ruler width.

Here is my project manager!  How cute is her little face  :-)

Now here is the fun part!  No Sew....
Just tie the two sides together with a double knot (reef for those who like neatness) and work your way around the blanket until you have finished.

The blanket will bunch up a bit from tying the knots so when you have finished just gently stretch it back to the original shape.  It will tear the fringe cuts a bit more but the good thing about fleece is that it does not fray so you can gently ease it out and it looks great.

The first blanket took about 1 hour to make and because it was getting late and the boys were waiting and I am a cheat......I didn't even measure the second one!   Just cut and tied.  Half an hour tops!!  

So do I qualify for making a quilt?? or am I being just a bit too cheeky  ;-)

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Hope you are having a lovely weekend,


  1. How snuggly do they look ???

  2. All right now, you - I'm not sure it counts as a quilt if you don't QUILT it. Maybe you'll have to call it a KNOT. Because you knotted it. Or a LOVE because that's what you really made it with. But whatever you call it, those boys' faces tell the story, don't they? Glorious! And quickly done, which counts hugely in my reckoning. Clever girl. And the house looks warm and cozy, which is what ours is right now, with the fire going and on the 29th of May, when the windows should be wide open.

  3. Love K's comment. I agree I'm not sure whether it's technically a quilt, but gee it's a nice easy throw to make, it looks great, and the boys seem to be very happy with them.

  4. This is my idea of quilting - quick results with no fuss ;D

    It looks great and if the boys love it then that's all that matters.


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