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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Today I did spend all day in my PJ's until I changed at 4 o'clock and went for a horse ride, I probably could have done that in my PJ's too as we live in such a remote area but horse hair is a B***H to get out of your clothes, not to mention the washing machine    :-)

So what was I up to all day in my PJ's?  Well  I spent the day using this....

I made this....

and this....

and I even cut out the material  for Billy's quilt....

All in all I had a very productive day, might just have had something to do with Aunty Carolyne taking the boys to the Stock Cars for most of the morning and Billy delivering firewood all day as well.  House to myself!!  Bliss!   

Here is a photo of Ebony's gloves, modelled by Cullen.  I can show you the outside now as she has received them for her birthday, and very happy with them she was too....

Pop over to Sunshine Paradise to see who else is playing this week  :-)


  1. Oooh Pyjama days are the best - glad you managed to get so much done, bliss indeed!

  2. You're a lean mean sewing machine!

    I love the gloves and the bags. Way to go on cutting that fabric(I dont mind cutting fabric and in fact find that part of quilting quite relaxing )

    Isnt it amazing how much more we can get done if we send distractions elsewhere for a while!

  3. Woohoo you're making a quilt!! Those gloves you've made are amazing, I can't fathom how you knitted little horses onto them. I love your little elephant zippy, I got some of that fabric the other day, it's so cute!!

  4. Wow you were crafty, I think you made up for the rest of us. I want to make one of those box pouches, but I haven't sewn a zipper since 1980something.
    Love Ebony's gloves
    Thanks for joining in today.

  5. Love, love, love the gloves. And cullen's face. And the elephants. And what kind of machine is that? it looks familiar. HORSIE GLOVES, YAY! I'd love to feel that kind of satisfaction at the end of the day - PJs or jeans -

  6. Love those gloves! You are very clever and the quilt fabric is really beautiful. Nothing better than a peaceful day in your jammies.

  7. I LOVE your notions bag especially with those sweet elephants all over it :D

    Armwarmers are great and YaaY for PJ days - I just did the same today only I was carding wool through my drumcarder .D


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