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Thursday, June 30, 2011

School Holiday Creativity

Its school holidays and right on schedule in came the rain....

The tent was flattened and soaked, what else were we going to do?....

The Skate Park of course  :-)

Do you think the rain was the only reason that we had the park to ourselves???


I managed to finish a hat and mitts for a friend down South who requested some warm items for her week at an outdoor horse event....

I really love how that stitch turned out, nice and chunky!  I think I might just have to make myself a cowl now.

My spinning has progressed to the resting stage before I can ply the singles together, lovely colours aren't they.  Look how bright the white is!!  I am going to dye that when I have figured out the instructions.  I have imperial instructions and this is a metric country....will have to put my maths head on!

And how about these little cuties....

The little furry fellow is turning out a bit like his Dad.  We might be keeping him  :-)


  1. Love the hat, and your spun yarn. The multi colour one is lovely and bright.
    Two cuties in the last pic, although I don't think he'll be impressed being called a cutie.
    It's been pretty ordinary weather here too. It was beautiful a couple of weeks ago, cold but lost of sunny blue skies, now it's just showers and cool winds and not very nice at all.

  2. Wonderful shots. The hat= oh, that stitch. LOVE. And boy-and-puppy, adorable to the point of me going auntie and kissing both till they blush. Yes, that park was empty because of the Beowulf twins, claiming the territory - I'm sure of it. We're sitting in the rain and thunder today - probably because we irrigated yesterday - a little like washing the car. Your yarn is good. Great red. Stunning white - the dying will be an adventure. The tent reminds me of myself, actually. But I'd rather be like the hat. Just like you to make those for a horsey friend.

  3. I am definitely like the great hat - all lumpy and bumpy........... love the fact that you all went out in the rain. Can't wait to follow you when you start to dye the wool.........

  4. That chunky stitch hat is really cool!! School holidays look fun at your place with skate parks, and puppies and freshly spun yarn! Your friend will love her beanie and gloves!

  5. I find it really difficult to remember what I've just read when I see a photo of a little furry fellow! He is SOOOOOOOO painfully cute, I have an overwhelming desire to cuddle him! Anyway, back to the lovely hat you made, love the colours, and the stitch, and the style, very cool. How great to have the skate park to yourselves! Love Vanessa xxx

  6. I see you've been knitting?/spinning up a storm. Im sure your friend will adore the gifts to keep her warm.

    It wouldn't be school holidays if it wasnt pissing down with rain!

  7. I love the hat and you're right, that's a gorgeous stitch!!!

    What a cute little puppy!!!

    Jodie :)

  8. Very cute potential new family member :) Hope that rain doesn't hang around the whole holidays. x

  9. ahahaha.. yeah just typical rain & school holidays - they go hand in hand. ;)
    I too love the chunky stitch pattern in the hat and your spinning looks very nice indeed, looking forward to seeing it plied and dyed.


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