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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank you

 Blogger is being very naughty with my posts, but I gather that I am not the only one which means they are not being selective so I won't take it personally.  My comments from all you lovely people did trickle thru eventually.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all the lovely wishes and hugs sent my way.  I have had a few slow days and spent some quiet time reliving the good old days with my mate.  I had Tally for 15 years so we had done a lot of great things together.   At one stage of our partnership I used to ride him to work and he used to wait in the paddock with all the dairy cows and then I would ride him home.  One time we finished late and it was dark by the time we left for home and he took me home.  I couldn't see a thing but he could and I just let him have his head and he walked me home. He was such a good boy.  Although I had him a long time he came from the racetrack so his hard early life eventually caught up with him and his arthritis was nasty in winter.  

At least now he is free from pain and doesn't have to suffer thru this winter which is promising to be a cold one....first day of winter today and it was 0 degrees this morning,  Brrrrr!

I'm going down to the horse paddock now to cuddle and chat with the rest of the gang as they too are a bit out of sorts now their fearless leader is no longer with us.  The company is healing  :-)


  1. Yes. And that is how it goes. I don't know if I imagine the puppies being at loose ends - or whether they actually are. And I still hit slow spots, and will for a while. But the greatest comfort is that there is still fur and hide under our hands, and great eyes that look for us, and hearts that beat in this world still. And that we've had and will have the chance to love. These are the facts of life, really. Bless them.

  2. It's lovely to hear your stories about Tally. Those memories will be with you forever. Sending you another big hug!!!

  3. hello Jenni, awww sorry to hear about Tally, god it is so hard to let them go, take good care of yourself XXXXX
    Love Alice and Raymond

  4. Hey Jenni, I am so sad to hear about your beloved friend, you would have had her for so long and been so used to her company...:o( Big hugs love.
    You asked me about where I got my cascade yarn, it came from tangled yarns which is a shop in new farm (they do online sales-it was called cascade ecological wool and they have un-dyed yarn in brown, cream and a sort of grey)
    I hope you are doing well. I enjoyed seeing little Lucy again on sunshine, paradise-she's soooo sweet! xoxoxo Kate


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