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Monday, June 20, 2011

Who is Lucy and where is she now?

Lucy Rabbit is my little darling who decided that she wanted to spend this year travelling so she asked me to arrange for her to visit my lovely friends in Blogland.

Bag packed and ready to go  :-)

She was lucky enough to start her journey with my Sister In Law and they both caught the plane to Brisbane where Lucy accompanied Carolyne on her Doctors visits and then stayed with her keeping her company before she left to come home.  Lucy travelled on to stay with Kate and her family of Dash Robin Designs.  HERE is her post about Lucy's visit, they had such a fun time.

Lucy then travelled on to Marg of Sunshine Paradise and HERE is her post about the fabulous time they have been having together.

To make it easier for us all to follow along on Lucy's adventures I have made her a Blog of her own, where her host family can post pictures and stories about her visits.

Want to follow along??

Lucy Rabbit Blog

Hope to see you there.....


  1. Oh, do tell me she's coming to visit Rachel and me. I'll love to hear the stories she has to tell.

  2. Lucy's having the most marvellous time isn't she! Does she know how fortunate she is, the sweet little thing?!!!! Love Vanessa xxx

  3. Lucy is a cuties...she does a lot of traveling...when do you expect her home again. Say Hi for me. Trish

  4. I love this Lucy's adventure that you have set up. You are right, my kids would totally love it but unfortunately we are about to be of no fixed address for 6 months. Popping over to check the blog out now.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. x


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