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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Coincidental Tour de Fleece

Coincidentally as others are extolling the virtues of the lovely fleece and spinning, I too have been playing at my wheel....

This is Merino roving and in my favourite autumn colours.  It  comes from Dragonfly Fibres over on Etsy and they have named it Turning Leaves, how could I resist?  Definitely ' The Colours of Happiness'!!

Spun into a Single....

And plyed together.  After resting the newly spun yarn needs a little bath.  You would thing that wool that has already been processed and then dyed would be clean wouldn't you?  After all I have only handled it minimally.....

I'm always surprised at how much dirt a fleece can hold!  My yarn is now drying and will soon reveal its lovely plumpness and I will be able to make something out of my new colours.

We went to the stunning Lake Eacham today for my fibrecrafters morning and the boys had fun exploring the walking tracks that surround the lake.   After I did a bit of  spinning (and chatting ), the boys and I walked right round the lake.  It's a lovely walk and this time was the first time we have all done it without any complaining from the smaller legs brigade.  Here are some photos (not the clearest because it is dark in the rainforest)....

Look at the roots hanging down from the fig that has grown all over its host tree....

Some lovely fungus....

A huge fig tree and its buttress's....

These little flowers drop from one of the rainforest trees and ever since the boys have been tiny we have called them the stars of the forest, they look just like the stars at night scattered all over the forest floor....

and a sneak peek at my drying yarn....

You can see some more fabulously fleecy stuff over on Ravelry in this Tour de Fleece.  It snuck up on me this year but I think next year I may have to join in   :-)


  1. Love the colours in your spun yarn.
    Great photos of the rainforesst, you must have had a lovely day with the boys.

  2. lovely colours in your yarn, what are you going to make with it?! :-)

  3. Your yarn you've spun is beautiful Jenni! The colours, and the effect is just a joy, I find it fascinating, though I'm happy to admire, I don't think I'll be spinning myself, though I understand it's very therapeutic. What an amazing forest, the roots of the Fig tree are extraordinary. It's when I see pictures like this that it truly sinks in what a different environment you live in to me. Love Vanessa xxx

  4. That fallen leaves wool is scrumptious! I love how you spun the different colours together. I love all the nature photos!

  5. Your spinning is gorgeous Jenni! I am so happy you have joined TdF on Ravelry:)

  6. I made a comment similar to my other half last night re your environment and the wonderful Fig tree buttresses...... amazing that I get a peep at things like these via blogging.

    Loving your yarn..... the colours are wonderful.

  7. Your spun yarn is absolutely gorgeous and I love the big bobbins - I could just have those on display and not use the yarn. Wonderful rain forest pictures too - sounds like a great day was had by all.

  8. ahahaha.. I have to lol over the "small leg brigade" - oh how I know that sound well !! .D You can hardly see your boys with them wearing camo gear in amongst those beautiful trees..ahha.

    Your spin looks lovely I can't wait to see it in a pretty skein :D ...and yes always surprising how much dirt comes out.

  9. Yummy fleece!!!

    You are sooo clever with your spinning!!! I love both bobbins full of yarn, simply gorgeous...

    Jodie :)

  10. DO NOT TELL THE BOYS THIS: they are really beautiful. Dirty. Boyish. But beautiful. And so is your spinning. I was taken by surprise (why?) the first time you talked about spinning. I think I will never do it myself. But I am so fascinated by you guys that do. I'm scared to work with raw wool, and even processed wool on that level. I know I'd ruin it. And in my area of the world, wool is big bucks.

    Many kisses! (Sorry I'm so behind)


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