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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Natural Horsemanship, why would you even try anything else???

My blog is usually a crafty type of blog but those who know me well know that my other love is horses....

This video makes me cry....both tears of sadness for the misunderstanding and then happiness for the people who 'get it'

This lady Stacey Westfall REALLY gets it!  Such a delight to watch....

This is Georgia Bruce Australia's Equestrian Paralympian.  She also gets it!  She won bronze in Dressage in the last Olympics. Georgia is a local to my area and I did a clinic with her on how to Clicker Train Your Horse.  I have used this method before with dogs but it was a real eye opener to learn how to work better WITH our horses.

I have recently rescued this little fellow and he had been mistreated somewhere along the way so he is very scared and nervous around people.  We don't know his history but the vet thinks he is about 2yrs old, still a full male and we think he is a Welsh Pony cross.  We could all be totally wrong!!

I have had him four weeks now and been doing the positive reward Clicker Training.  At first he was totally  untouchable  and very frightened.  I bonded with him straight away and rewarded him everytime he came towards me and persevered until I could put a halter on him and attatch a lead rope.  He is now at liberty in the paddock with all the rest of the gang and he comes up to me willingly for a pat and a scratch (no food involved).

Yesterday he was sleeping in the front of the stables and another horse charged out of the stables to get away from a tetchy mate, the horse ran right past him obviously running away from something ( or someone)  and the little fellow just kept on sleeping.  Didn't bat an eyelid!  It gave me an enourmous amout of pleasure to see that as it means he is relaxed  and happy at our house.

They say Happiness is owning a horse (or 5  as in my case)  :-)


  1. Well, you just started my morning. One of the things I hope with all my heart is that there is, as I believe there is, life after the body - and that there is no time there, no limit to resources, no trying to stretch yourself over all the possibilities and duties and loves - that my horses will know me there, and we will talk - and I can tell them how much I love them, which I believe they know now.They're just as glad, I think, that I don't spend all that much time training - but I suffer from that lack of communication. They say it's okay as long as I keep the hay coming.

    I have, outside of the first few months of knowing him, never ridden Z in a bit.

  2. Thank goodness for people like you. The little fellow has certainly come to the right place and people. I found the first video extremely saddening - I just totally don't get why we would do that... and I'm thankful there are people who try to educate and show respect and love the animals who share their lives.

  3. I often think our relationship with animals is sadly based on power and control rather than mutual respect . It 's amazing to see what people can do with trust and patience and being one with an animal .

    I'm sure your little boy has many many years of happiness ahead at Chez Jenni!

  4. What a lovely post! I'm so glad that little sweetie found a home with you guys.

  5. Oh Jenni, the first movie made me cry and the other two were amazing, thank you so much for sharing them with us:) How wonderful that you rescued that sweet little horse, you are a wonderful person Jenni, you are!
    Thank you for your lovely comment you left on my blog, I would love to see your hoodie that you are busy with, it sounds gorgeous.

  6. What a sweetie! So lovely to hear he has settled in so well. How wonderful you are to give him such a loving home.

  7. These films were a real eye opener, thank you so much for showing us. I don't have any contact with horses myself, but you can see how rewarding the mutual respect relationship is, amazing! I think horses are the most beautiful and interesting creatures, I find them fascinating, I can see why people make them their life. Well done on saving your little pony, so sad that he should have been mis-treated, I can never understand the mis-treatment of animals.
    Your shawl using your handspun is a triumph! You must be thrilled, it's really lovely!
    Vanessa xxx

  8. He's gorgeous and I bet he just loves his new home and family :)


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