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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

It's Sunday again and yes I am in my PJ's...I love Sundays!!  

Today though Billy has the boys and is delivering loads of firewood so that I can catch up on the end of financial year bookwork, YUCK!!  I am not a fan of bookwork, BUT it is my job to do it.
Billy spreads the fertilizer in his truck and I do all the bookwork, we are a team.  I am sure when he is having a troublesome day with the truck he says YUCK as well.  :-)

Have I shown you our truck??  We are proud of it as it is the only one in North Queensland....

This photo was taken when we first got her in 2007,  I rarely see her now as she is kept in our  shed which is situated about 50kms away, closer to all the farms that we spread fertilizer on.  Billy only brings her home if he has a job up our way, saves him doing double driving.

She is a mighty machine.  Four wheel drive and goes anywhere.  The farmers love her.  Billy has been spreading fertilizer on the farms up here for about 20yrs now.  He knows what everyone's farm looks like, and he takes that truck up and down some mountains.  I have been in the truck (before kids) and I can tell you  nerves of steel are required.  The boys sometimes go for a ride but only on a flat farm.  Its too easy to slip off a hill.

I have been doing a bit of crochet....

I am crocheting a cowl in that lovely chunky stitch that my friends hat was made in.  The cowl has a twist in it so that it sits nicely around your neck except after doing about 10 rows I noticed that I have two twists....


 I figured that you loop it around your neck anyway so I will just loop it before I put it round my neck....Hmmmm I may still be frogging it??


These puppies are pretty cute  :-)

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  1. My youngest son would ADORE that truck! He spreads fertiliser too - we call it `muck spreading` here. We`ve just had our big annual agricultural show here (The Royal Highland Show) and it`s jam-packed with all the latest shiny new machinery but the best bit for me is the hogroast marquee!! Nothing wrong with having a twist in your cowl. It`s a bit like having children, if you`ve got one, you might as well have two...or three or four!!
    Those puppies are just too cute!
    Happy Sunday to ya, Jenni. x

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely day :)

  3. Oh wow that explains why you need the rain to run your business! It's pretty spectacular and in gold old Aussie green and gold too!!!!
    Love the cowl with the tiny flecks of colour, it's going to look great.
    Always love to see photos of tiny puppies, soooo cute.

  4. Now that's a Truckasorous!! Cool!! That twist in the cowl is really clever, surely it could work somehow with two twists.. Love the puppy shots, lots of cuteness going on.

  5. How lucky are you to stay in your pj's for the whole of Sunday - something I aspire to do in the not too distant future... :)

    I love the truck!!! So great to find out a little more about you and your family..

    Jodie :)

  6. Sweeeet puppies-can't get enough pictures of puppies! What a team indeed-book keeping is horrid but I'm glad you don't have to do the fertiliser spreading part, although you'd look pretty tough in that big looks like a tonka truck for grown ups! Hope your cowl works out okay...xoKate

  7. Hope the numbers are playing real nice - don't miss end of financial year at all!

    Pretty cowl - surely two has to be better than one.

  8. What a monster of a truck!! I get to do the book-work too, but like you said, I'm sure there are some days when the hubbies would rather trade places. Super cute puppies - I would want to keep them all.

  9. I LOVE that truck. But tell Billy I'm not drivin' it. Nope. Will not. Especially up mountains. I know mountains. I don't even like riding up the sides of them. And I love the pups. And Billy's dang cute. And I do the book work around here, too. I actually kind of like it. Want me to do yours?

  10. Wish I could find a Sunday when we aren't doing something so I could stay in my pj' day, one day! Loving Billy!


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