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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

It is Sunday again!  Although this week I am not in my Pyjamas because I have been doing bookwork for  most of the day.  What that has to do with being in my PJ's I don't know because I am at home.  Maybe I feel like I should dress for work??

I have had a little play on the computer and I came up with this....

I couldn't resist!

I've been for a walk down to the bottom paddock to check out Clover who is due to have her second calf in about a week....

She is starting to look like a barrel on legs!

I finished the boys pencil cases.  They saw some camouflage material last time we were in Spotlight and insisted I buy it.  I was asked to make pillow cases for their beds to match the blankets I made a few weeks ago.  There was a small amount left over....

I was working on my cowl.  I ripped it back three times and I still managed to have a double twist in it???  I have decided that the wool is telling me it doesn't want to be a cowl!  So it has been frogged yet again and put into the back of the stash cupboard for a future project.

I did start this project though and that seems to be going a lot better.  I had the wool from last year and it just needed to be wound into balls as it came as skeins....

I have a pattern for a 'hoodie' with a mock cable running up the front  panels.  I purchased the wool online and thought it was more of an orange colour (computer monitors can make colours deceiving).  It  has some orange in it but it is more a purple/blue mix.  It makes me think of Scottish Heather.

Want to see what else the Pyjama Gang has been doing??  Pop over to SunshineParadise.

Have a great weekend,


  1. Morning Jen (it is here!), your Scottish Heather mix sounds good to me though I was really looking forward to seeing your finished cowl with a twist, which I bet would have looked great regardless!Love the pencil cases - wish my two were young enough to make them for but I could always make one now for the grandchild!Have a great week, Jen.x
    ps hope poor Clover doesn`t have to struggle on much longer - and I think she`s a perfect case in point for being a veggie!

  2. You have more energy than I have, kiddo = at least you did something that COULD be frogged. Love the halftone. Those boys of yours - there will be a day when they are SO camo, you won't be able to find them to make them do chores!

  3. Love K's comment.
    What a cute pic of the puppy. I need to play with the computer and my photos a bit more, but then I'd never have time to make anything. I spend way too much time on the computer as it is!
    That yarn is a really pretty colour even if it's not quite what you were expecting.
    Love the pencil cases too, a great way to use the left over fabric.
    Thanks for linking to PJ PS Jenni.

  4. LOVE the effect on that photo of the puppy! You sound to have been really busy. Don't be too hard on yourself re the cowl - I think you are right, the wool wants to be something else....

  5. Sounds like you've been amazingly busy this weekend despite the bookwork!

    I love the camp pencil cases and that new knitting yarn is so pretty.I always worry about buying fabric online because of the colour differences but have never actually had a disaster yet (which is more good luck than planning on my part !)

    If your project is speaking to you and telling you it doesnt want to be a cowl then I guess you just have to obey!

  6. Cute puppy picture! It's amazing all the things on line that you can use to play with photos. It's a bit mind boggling really. Shame about your cowl. Did it make you scowl? Al least you can unravel it and use it another day. I like your blue ( not very orange) wool, it's such a rich colour. The cameo pencil cases are cool, your boys will be the envy of their friends because they have the best pencil cases. Hope your cow has her calf soon, looks like she carrying a heavy load.

  7. That yarn looks gorgeous on my computer who knows if it is anything like the actual colour. Lovely knitting will make a nice hoodie.
    Cute pencil cases and great use of those scraps.

  8. oh, that puppy photo is sooo cute. LOVE it, and your preggers cow is huge-twins?? The photo of your wool is really pretty there, lovely colour, even if not quite what you expected. Its a shame about your cowl-I have frogged so many items and stopped and left others too, its hit and miss with creating isn't it? xoKate


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