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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something I'm Dying to Show You....

Blogger has been a bugger for me all week and is refusing to let me post so I have gone back to the old editor and it seems to be working. You will have to excuse the old outdated style. If it isn't bad enough that no one can comment on my blog now I have to put up with the outdated editor and try to think in reverse when adding in my photos.

Patience is a virtue is it not?

Do you like this colour? Want to see how I did it?

Remember the lovely white wool that I spun a few weeks ago....

I 'Navaho' plied it, which means that is is 3 strands instead of 2 so it will be a bit of a chunky yarn....

Now I couldn't just leave it white could I....

Pre soaking....

A splash of a yummy colour....

Bring to the slow boil....

Add the vinegar and check after 5 mins to see if the colour is being absorbed into the fibre, looking good....

One more lot of vinegar and PERFECT....

Ready to go, isn't that colour just the best!

I have used Greener Shades, Heavy metal and acid free dyes. They are so easy to use and you can purchase them on line from Pancake and Lulu on Etsy. Best of all they are good for our enviroment and that makes me happy :-)

I washed and blocked the finished pieces of my 'hoodie'....

and I am now on the final straight, it is getting very heavy in my lap and I'm afraid it is looking HUGE!

I did knit the large because they showed the small on a lovely little model. I am not a petite little thing although I am short, I am definitely a sporty muscled physique and I love oversized jumpers. This one also only has a closure at the neck so it is open all the way down, I will need room to wear layers underneath it.

Here's hoping it will be OK once I have done the sewing up, fingers crossed XX

Now pop on over to SunshineParadise and see who else is being creative today.


  1. Dear Jenni,
    Your wool is amazing!! I love the colour, so rich and warm, just gorgeous. Your hoodie looks wonderful too.

  2. that red is so vibrant and beautiful Jenni, and it looks fantastic all wrapped up with a baame knits label! you have inspired me to go and do some spinning before bed!
    Have an awesome weekend

  3. The color IS DELICIOUS. And I loved the step-bystep pictures. Maybe I will draw courage from all this. And big, sloppy hoodies are my favorite. I'd rather have the thing larger than smaller, moi. YaY!!

  4. Is there anything you cant do? The colour of that wool is just gorgeous.

    I bet that hoodie just rocks when you're finished. We want pictures of you modelling it please.

  5. How cool that you got the fuzzy stuff off a sheep, spun it, 3 plyed it, dyed it and now it's off to Etsy. The colour is rich and wonderful! It would be fun if you knew where it went and what it was knitted into. That hoodie looks like a goodie!

  6. Loving that red - looks like a perfect colour for yarn.
    Well done on getting to the hood bit - bet we'll see it all done soon. Looking very nice by the way.

  7. Fab-u-lous! I LOVE the colour! It must be so satisfying dying your own yarn. The hoodie looks wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished and modelled. Vanessa xxx

  8. beautiful rich autumn red yarn, that will be fun to knit up! The hoodie is looking fantastic too, you've been working hard at that.

    I had heaps of trouble commenting on all blogs so I tried using a different browser and haven't had a problem since. Try downloading firefox, it's much the same as internet explorer.

  9. Such a pretty skein of yarn. You must get so must satisfaction creating a piece from scratch like that. I just love the yarn in your hoodie - looking forward to seeing modelled pictures!

  10. OOoo gorgeous red ! ..and packaged lovely too :D

    I'm sure the hoodie will be fit fine.

  11. Loved watching the dying process. Echoing what everyone else says about that glorious red. The hoodie is looking great too.


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