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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Clover the COW...

I have hardly slept for over a week now as my cow Clover is due to have her second baby any minute.  Well I thought it was any minute?  For two weeks now I have been haunting her every move and she is just getting fatter and fatter, I don't know how she is able to walk?  She is only a miniature cow and she has short legs so at the moment she is as wide as she is tall....

This is her two weeks ago!  She seems to be wondering what is going on in her belly?  So am I!....

This is today.  Look at the look she is giving me, its like she is saying "Not you again!"  I have been going out in the cold and the drizzle last thing at night (not to mention all the times during the day I go and check her) with a pathetic little torch to find her in the paddock to make sure she is OK before I go to bed.  She is fine, I'm the one who is getting cold and wet and sleep deprived!

No one seems 
particularly perturbed do they!

Clover just wants more food but for her that is not so unusual.  Her and her sister just RAN down the hill and around the corner to the feed trough, to see if I was filling it up, without a care in the world.  I am sure bubby will arrive when she/he is good and ready.  Clover had no problems last time so I am sure she will be fine, I'm just being a typical worried mother.  I hope it's not too much longer, I'd like a good night sleep!   :-)

I have been following along with Kiwiyarns current obsession with Alpaca and admiring her gorgous knits that she has been creating.  Last week Kiwiyarns released the pattern for her Annabella hat.  Totally Gorgeous!

I love the softness of Alpaca (who wouldn't) and this hat has the most lovely stitch design around the brim.  I do have a few hats to tuck my hair into so I have modified her pattern just a little bit.  I wanted a hat that would grow with my hair so to speak.  Also living in the tropics and suffering hormonally at the moment means that any hat is constantly being removed to let out steam!  So I came up with this....

Is it a hat or is it a headband?....

It is lovely and soft and I love that trellis pattern.  It is also in my favourite colours.     :-)

Now I had better go outside and check on Clover AND wash this naughty little pony who must have heard me say I was going for a ride, he was white half an hour ago.....


  1. You clever thing. I wear things like that all winter, but they're simple, rude, fleece things I sew up by the dozens so I can always find one. I use two if I need to have a closed top. One over the ears, the other pulled on the opposite way. Your hat is great. And how I remember sitting foal watch with my friend Geneva - sitting in the car, turning the headlights on every so often to check on the mare - and finally, when you are dead tired, jumping out to assist with the birth. Like these animals haven't known their business from the beginning of time, and not needed our help, thank you very much.

  2. I hope Clovers baby arrives safely soon. I love your hat with a hole :)

  3. Come along Clover, time to give your owner a break! Love the new hat/headband, Jen and your dreadlocks - that must take ages to do! Have a great week. x

  4. I hope the birth goes well! And I love the headband. I'm currently crocheting a cowl, but right now it could pass for a pretty, oversized headband...or belt...or letterbox cosy...

  5. Okay, 3rd time lucky, for some reason google hasnt been letting me leave a message. Poor Clover, she looks BiG!! From someone who gets birds nesty hair when wearing woolly hats that head band looks great!! Great photo of you! Love the white pony, he's got a guilty face like he knows hes been playing in the mud.

  6. I hope the new arrival comes along soon, I can feel your anxiety! Caring for animals brings such a sense of responsibility ( I don't have animals (yet! but coming soon)). Love the headband and the trellis pattern - will have to give that stitch a try.

  7. Poor, poor Clover! Being so overdue and so enormous is the worst.
    And I love the new headband. Suits you perfectly. x

  8. It was neither a hat nor a headband it seems.

    It was a meant to be a birth-catching girth-skirt for Clover that remained a prototype until Jenni utilised it for a headband!

    Great resourcefulness Jen!
    Life on the farm certainly teaches us that, huh?
    Saves long trips into the hardware store, cow-maternity-gear store or whatever!

  9. Love the criss cross stitch on the hat! I'm waiting with bated breath now to find out about the birth. I've been trying for ages to leave a comment on your blog but blogger won't let me but I might have more luck with my new machine! Thanks so much for all your kind words during Henry's illness, they were much appreciated. Henry is sitting on my lap as I type, purring furiously! Pennyxxx (Planet Penny)

  10. Your so cool Jenni ! ..I love the headband and the trellis pattern is great - I too love it. Alpaca - YUM , gorgeous stuff !

    Poor Clover, I can relate to feeling like that before my little monster entered the world..ahahha ;D

  11. Wow, I like what you've done with the Annabella! Very clever! It's funny, because Sylvia was playing with an Evelyn I knitted and using it in exactly the same way - as a "topless" hat!

    Clover's calf is soooo cute!!


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