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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yes Clover has finally given birth to her calf....

Totally adorable of course....

And Tiny! This picture gives you an idea of how small he really is. He is about the size of a Medium Poodle....

Look at those eyelashes, he's won me!

Now he doesn't have a name, want to give him one? I will pick his name after the weekend when everyone has commented. If Blogger lets you! Just email me if you can't OK.

Amazingly he was born on the same day that Clover had her first calf last year, at least this time it wasn't in the middle of the night and she had the sense to go into the shed out of the midday sun. He will be safe from Dingo's in there and out of the cold wind.

Hooray I can finally get a good nights sleep! :-)


  1. He is gorgeous and looks like velvet, how about that for his name, "Velvet"?

  2. Ronald.
    He is SOOO cute! Well done :) My day was FAR less eventful!
    Sonia xx

  3. What about medic?
    It's as close to clover you can get....the only difference between medic and clover is that medic has some extra length before the middle leaf actually starts!
    Google images of medic and you will see what I mean.
    All that agricultural training I did back in the 80's amounted to something!

    Medic velvet...?

    ....then when he grows up, drop the velvet just like some cultures do with Franzley for the boy and then Frantz when they grow up!


    I hope you get some better idea's for names and hope some personality will shine through so he gives you some hints...
    He's just a 'Sucker' for now?
    ...and you.....a sleeper?

  4. I'm too busy being gushy about how cute he is to think of a name yet, I'll have a think then let you know. How's Clover? How funny that it's been a year since her last calf.

  5. How sweet,he look's like a Horris to me.Congratulation's to Clover! :-))
    Hug's Georgie xx

  6. He is gorgeous Jenni! He looks like a Seamus to me:)

  7. He is Gorgeous! The colour of chocolate velvet! I have to say I'm in agreement with the first commenter on 'Velvet'. Have a good nights sleep!

  8. Well, well, well - Clover, my darling. And what a beautiful baby. How amazing life is. And in the day time. Can it get better? He really is something. Rachel is off internet mostly till the kids are back in school - but she will be crazy for him. She wants a tiny cow so badly! I'll have to see if I can come up with something cogent for a name after I've had my morning treadmill -

    Congrats, Jenn! It's about time something blessed and easy and right happened spontaneously!

  9. Oh how wonderful! And yes ... delightful eyelashes. So gorgeous!!! YAY!

  10. He is sooo sweet - well done to Clover (and to you!)

    Names - goodness, never thought of a name for a bull before, so two offerings... Arthur (don't know why, can just imagine saying 'come on Arthur' to him and him plodding along behind you - or another one, Taurus - for obvious reasons (plus that's my star sign) and he looks like a little star ;-)

    Have fun picking out a name and give both Clover and son a little hug from me - hope you enjoy a full night's sleep xxx

  11. such a cutiepie! I don't know why but as soon as I looked at him I thought Colin.

  12. Barney? Don't know why, just looks like a Barney to me!!! Very cute! x

  13. I cant name my own quilts so I'm not going to attempt to name a cow. I'll leave that to other creative people.

    He's very handsome. Clover did a great job!

    And now you can get some decent sleep!

  14. arrwww how cute ! ..he's just like chocolate, shame he can't be sheared I would really love that colour fleece to spin :D
    Do you have sheep or alpaca ? ..enjoy your sleep :)

  15. Congratulations on your new arrival, he's BEAUTIFUL! I don't know why, but I look at him and think of the name Arthur. He really is totally and utterly adorable! Vanessa xxx

  16. I'm gonna say 'SMOKE-Y'... He looks like a Smokey to me..

    Just gorgeous!!!

    Jodie :)


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