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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lutt-Witt aka 'Hoodie'

Here is the sweater that I have been knitting....

It is a Berroco Pattern called Lutt-Witt which is published in pattern book #301 Berroco Campus. The wool is Berroco Campus and it is a lovely wool/alpaca/acrylic mix. So soft and plied in an uneven thickness so although it is classified as a chunky yarn in spots it is quite fine.

I knitted it on 6.5mm straight needles.....

I also did a few modifications to the pattern to make the hoodie more to my taste.
I have widened the cuffs of the sleeves so they are more bell shaped and lengthened the sleeves as I always pull sweaters down over my fingers and figured if it was already there I wouldn't be stretching it.
Handy for yoga when I am doing relaxation on the floor. In winter the cold floor is not nice on the backs of my wrists so the longer sleeve solves this problem......

In the pattern the bobble pattern stops at the neckline and the ribbing continues in a narrower band up around the hood.
I love the bobble pattern it is the reason I chose this Hoodie.
I continued the bobbles up over the hood to give it a wider band around the face and a shorter hood. It now doesn't drag down my back and sits almost like a collar around my neck, very cosy.....

I didn't cast off the stitches around the neckline because I didn't want a hard edge pulling on my neck with the weight of the hood and I would have just had to repick up the stitches anyway. The pattern has a nice ribbing around the start of the neckline which pulls the shoulders into shape very nicely. I liked this little touch, you can just see the ribbing on the neckline in the right hand bottom corner of the photo above.

My Hoodie is lovely and light although it looks quite chunky and heavy, just perfect for a tropical winter. I now just have to block the hood and I'm waiting for some nice wooden buttons that I purchased of Etsy :-)


  1. Woohoo!! That hoodie is awesome!! It looks so fantastic on you!! I like long sleeves too, It's cosy to pull them down over your hands. I love all the bobbly bits and it's so interesting to hear how you changed the pattern to suit you and your taste. Do we get to see it again when it's got buttons?

  2. Love the hoodie Jenni . It's gorgeous (as are you by the way)

    I adore the colour!

  3. Gorgeous hoodie! Love all of your modifications too. You look fab :-)

    Hoodies are my absolute favourite and I hope we get to see it again with it's buttons.

  4. Wow it's awesome Jenni. A great idea making the sleeves longer. You look fabulous in it, woo hoo.

  5. Jen - it looks FABULOUS. I am so impressed with your daring and skill to depart from a pattern that way. I do it, too, quite often - but not that boldly. You look so happy and comfy, and I want one too - wanna make another one?? LOL

  6. Positively funky Jenni and great colour ! ...I too like uber long sleeves, because like you I have a tendency to stretch sleeves over my fingers.


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