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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Here she is 'Felicity'....

After a year of struggling with my older model I bit the bullet and bought a brand new spinning wheel!

A bit of research and quizzing of friends' and I purchased a MAJACRAFT AURA from New Zealand.

It was the one wheel that could spin from laceweight to artyarn without having to change attachments. She is a joy and so easy to spin with. Isn't she beautiful!....

Its like driving a Cadillac after the old paddock ute!! So smooth, and Fast, a dream come true....

Look here is Clover introducing her calf to the rest of the menagerie. The horses are fascinated by the new edition. Young man is taking it all in his stride. We have a name, after much deliberation by the family we have decided to name him 'Seamus'. (Thanks Linda)

His Dad's name is Douglas so it fitted right in. We had lots of lovely suggestions for his name and it was funny to see that my local friends and other Aussies came up with names that should have been on a dinner plate and the overseas friends all thought of nice Regal Bull names.

Unfortunately we can only keep him until he is 6 mths old because after that his dad will fight him. He will go and live with my friend who will raise him until he is 2yrs old and then yes, he will be in the freezer. I can't do it but my friend can!

So he has a double barrelled name. The boys wanted to extend his name so he is to be 'Seamus Meatballs'.... he will always be Seamus to me though!

I have spent half the day in my Pyjamas spinning and making yarn with 'Felicity', want to see who else is being crafty today?
Pop over to SunshineParadise and see and have a great Sunday.


  1. oh wow how cool! I wonder if my mum still has the old spinner that she used to when we grew up?
    Love that it's from NZ ;)


  2. Felicity looks fabulous. I have a spinning wheel stashed away in the shed. I used to spin wool way back in the dark ages.
    I'm always going to think of meatballs now whenever you mention Seamus' name in the future.

  3. Now you've named Seamus, it would be impossible to make him into meatballs wouldn't it! Seamus is a lovely name. And Felicity is a stunner, I'm all for treating oneself to good kit that makes the working more of a joy. I can feel your excitement over having a girl in the family, sweet felicity! Vanessa xxx

  4. Your 'Felicity' is lovely. I had a spinning wheel for a while on loan, but in the end I've had to rationalise my making, there are only only so many hours in the day. I never got that good, but it was a great feeling when everything was trundling along smoothly!
    It was lent to me by my smallholder cousin, who would invariably introduce me to the meal I was being served as in, 'This is Fred'...not a good appetite stimulant!

  5. Way to go on the new wheel ...looks like you're making great use of it already!

    There was a rule at my parents farm- dont name any animals that could end up as food!

  6. Felicity is beautiful - really pleased for you. Ahhhh, poor meatballs (sorry Seamus) - our friends often raise their own livestock before they too end up in the freezer - tis life but I couldn't do it either.

  7. You look like one happy lady with that new spinning wheel. I am playing catchup with you and yours, but want to say how much I adored watching the film with Robert Lindsey singing "Doing the Lambeth Walk"! Congrats to your mum and dad. The little calf looks blooming gorgeous.......

  8. Felicity looks like a Rolls Royce model. Lovely blue you are spinning with.
    Unfortunately my spinning wheel has been idle for a long time.
    Very cute Seamus - shame about he meatballs.

  9. At least Seamus will have a peaceful life - stuffed with guiltless good food, taken care of hand and hoof. He'll not know the difference, being short-sighted as he is. And while Felicity is sleek and lovely, I think that woman sitting behind her is the real stunner.

  10. she's here, she's here - woot ! ...and look at you looking like a real pro, like you and Felicity have been together for ages already :D

    You won't know yourself now, it's a WONDERFUL wheel - good times ahead ! I will be looking forward to all that you and Felicity create together. Oh and make sure you get "some" shut eye ;D ...ahhaha
    ENJOY !!!! xxoo

  11. There'll be no stopping the dynamic duo, Jenni and Felicity from spinning up a storm!! I can see fun times ahead for you two! Little Seamus is a sweetie. I'm glad you told it to us straight so we didn't get too attached to the little guy.

  12. yay Jenni! i love Felicity, she is very very cool, looking forward to seeing the beautiful yarns that you make together!

  13. Oh, wow! I've always wanted to learn to spin.

  14. Oh no! Seamus Meatballs!! At least your boys are well grounded in real life unlike me who likes to pretend my meat comes from the shops and did not once have a name or was alive and a cute little animal...

    The spinning wheel is amazing! I remember my mum's old one which was a bit like your old one and this new one is very very flash! Enjoy :)


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