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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sewing Sunday

This week it is all about the boys, after all it is school holidays....

Cullen and Ethan have been playing with my stash of remnant upholstery fabric that a friend donated to us and making some nice pictures. Yesterday they did some creating and then decided that the next step was the sewing machine....

Such concentration, I love it....

Last night Ethan designed a prototype on paper and this morning he cut out the pattern and sewed it together almost entirely by himself. This is his Squid....

Cullen made the above house and garden picture and decided he wanted to sew on the windows, door and roof. He did this almost entirely by himself too....

Last week was the end of the boys Hockey season. They won the Grand Final and the presentations were straight afterwards....

Trophy for winning the season and Cullen was awarded 'Best Defender' for the Under 10 Boys....

Ethan received an extra special award this year!

He was very proud of his achievement and so were we.

Well done and Congratulations boys!


  1. How fun .. and so serious too!

  2. Well done boys! On the hockey field and on the sewing! I'm so jealous you're on holidays already, still two weeks til mine start! :(

  3. Congratulations Jenni! Your boys have done good. :-)

  4. looks like both your guys got the creative gene. What great projects! I take it there was no blood shed from using the sewing machine.

    Congratulations on the hockey successes. Well done Cullen and Ethan !

  5. Clever Lads and Fabulous Names too! Lovely makes to treasure. I still have a little red felt heart that my youngest made for me when he was 6 - that was 19 years ago!It`s in a nice frame now and I wouldn`t part with it for any money (well maybe a little!).Have a great week, Jenni. xxx

  6. YAY for two absolutely fabulous creations. Loving that Ethan is into pattern making as well as sewing/construction. Brilliant. And Cullen's house is so quirky terrific - great choice of fabric for a textured roof look.

    Bravo boys!

  7. Wow!!! Awesome sewing!! Love the Squid and House!! And a Super Congratulations on all those awards!!

  8. Great to see these two handling a sewing machine. My mum never did get round to "learning" how to use hers, but dad did! Congrats to both boys on their awards, they should be so proud of themelves.

  9. ahahha..I love the concentration on Cullen's face - priceless when that happens ! I also love the fact that they are sewing and creating, squid and house look terrific !

    Congratulations to both of them on their wins !


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