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Monday, October 17, 2011

Need some inspiration?

Helen Rodel

So beautiful!  I love how calm and peaceful her crocheting makes me feel.... 
(You will probably have to change this to a full screen view to see it all, my blog cuts off the edges)


  1. I watched this full screen and loved it. Wonderul photography and great to see the garments evolve from sketches to real pieces. The popcorn stitch is such a lovely solid, texural stitch.

  2. Hmmm. I do feel calm and peaceful. But it that the crochet queen influence or the 2 glasses of red already.

  3. That was simply wonderful. She's inspired. Thank you for sharing! Eric saw it too and said "Whoa!! Why can't you do things like that!?" Thanks son. Great way to build my confidence!

  4. Hi Jenni!! Wow what georgeous stuff she makes. Love all that popcorn stitch. Hope you are well. xx


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