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Friday, October 14, 2011

Socktoberfest, Blogtoberfest, Bloggy Holiday

I was full of good intentions to join in the Blogtoberfest and Socktoberfest and regale you all with tales of my crafting ability, but NOPE it was school holidays and I ended up having a bloggy holiday instead.  

The boys and I took a trip to Cairns and visited the Great Barrier Reef.  I picked a small island that is only an hour on the boat because the weather had been very windy and I had no idea if either of the boys got sea-sick?  My family immigrated to Australia when I was 3 and we came over on a boat (ten pound poms), I was sea-sick for most of the trip....who knows if it is hereditary?

We spent the night in Cairns at the beautiful Oasis Resort as it is a 2 hour drive down the hill for us, and then the next morning boarded the Big Cat to Green Island....

The weather couldn't have been better and we had a fantastic day snorkelling, eating, exploring and sight seeing....

The trip in the semi submersible was a highlight for the boys, the fish came right up to the windows.  We saw a turtle and Cullen saw a stingray!

I did make a start on socks for the Soctoberfest but I didn't get very far.   We are only half way thru the month so hopefully I will get one project done on my WIP list....

This pair of socks was started last year to wear in my hiking boots as they are nice and thick and will hopefully stop blisters.  I got this far on the first sock and then the wet season came in and my sock stalled....

This is a pair of socks that I started using some awesome  OPAL sock yarn.  The colour-way is called Peacock and its lovely.  The only problem was that half way through I realised that I was using bigger needles that I thought I was (don't know where my brain was when I picked the needles out of the container?) which meant that the sock was a lot bigger than it should have been.  So I shortened the length of the foot section and continued on to practice my Kitchener stitch and graft the toe....that is why this sock looks like it was knit for someone with a club foot!  I have unpicked the end and recast on the yarn onto the right size needles and am trying a toe up sock with a fine yarn for the first time.  I'll keep you posted  :-)

Maybe next year I will join the Blogtoberfest?  For now  I have a few catch up posts and I will try and space them out till the end of the month.

This last photo I think says it all about our day out on the Great Barrier Reef, we had a lovely time and none of us wanted to come home....


  1. Your holiday looks amazing!!! Fun socks!! I love the speckled colours of the club foot sock. You've really opened my eyes to all the pretty wool out there.

  2. I spent the day on Green Island one of the times I visited Cairns. It's such a beautiful place. I'd love to go back there some time.

    Wow- in that picture of your two boys they look so alike!

    Best of luck on the sock making. I know you can finish them.

  3. Looks like a great holiday. I haven't been to Green Island but I've been to Cairns and the reef. A great place for a holiday.
    Love your club foot, snort, sock, nice colours.
    I will never knit a sock, ever!

  4. oooh...what sock pattern do you use? I see you have circular needles there.
    I want to make some but I'm scared of double pointed needles...!
    Sonia xx

  5. Fantastic. That looks like such a great little holiday... much more exciting that participating in blogtoberfest. YAY for much needed R&R + family time.

  6. The semi submersible boat sounds absolutely wonderful! What an experience for the boys - one I would love to have too. Lovely to know you have a great break.

  7. Welcome back! I have missed your posts. You look like you had an amazing holiday though. Hope you are feeling wonderfully refreshed. xx

  8. I would take a beach holiday over a bloggy challenge any day!

  9. Before I knew anything, really, about knitting, I set out to make myself a nordic reindeer patterned sweater of my own design. And miracle - it was beautiful! Except that I'd done it on too small needles - so it turned out to fit Gin when she was thirteen. Much disappointment - but there you go -

    Your trip looks fabulous, just fabulous. I bet none of you wanted to come home. Wow.

  10. Good for you blogging is fun but sometimes you need a to take a backseat and do other stuff. Your photos show that you all had a great time - glad your back :)


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