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Friday, November 11, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Straight out of the oven....
Cover with a plate and FLIP....
Lift off the quiche dish....
Thats right its upside down....
Cover with another plate to make a plate sandwich and flip again....

                                       TA - DAH!

As I was making tea last night I thought 'this has got to be most favourite thing ever' so of course it had to go in a Favourite Things Friday post.   

I bought this Tupperware quiche dish about 8 yrs ago and use it all the time.  I never have to grease it and I just wash it up in the sink with warm water.

Look at how easily and cleanly that quiche came out onto the plate with just a few quick flips and a lift of the dish....Simple, I smile every time!  The quiche recipe is super easy and no fuss as well.  I like these kinds of meals.   :-)

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  1. Me, too. And I LOVE neat processes that are fun to do. May I have some, by the way? Just one piece?

  2. Very Cool!!! and such a great colour!!!

  3. I have one of those too although i only bought mine a couple of years ago. It is THE best. You could have shared it around.............
    Hmmm might have to make a quiche this weekend, yum!

  4. Yum, I do love a good quiche. Might just have to make one next week. I'm managing a little bit with quick and easy recipes now, so long as I don't have to stand up for too long!

    I don't have a tupperware quiche dish, mine has a floating bottom that you push up from underneath but your dish makes it look like a complete breeze!

  5. tupperware is great ! but look at your quiche -> like YUM !!!!

  6. Good quiche is lovely (bad quiche is yuk!) I love the simplicity of quiche . You can put anything in it and chuck it with a salad and its a great meal.

    I dont have a baking receptacle like that either ...hmnnnn...another thing for my shopping list!

  7. Great dish.....I think I need one of those.

  8. i adore quiche - but mine would splat everywhere if i tried to turn it upside down! i've got a flan tin i bought from ikea with a removable base - and like yours, i've had it for years and it's a winner everytime - i think quiche might have to go on the menu this week

  9. First of all, I love quiche. Second of all, I love that dish!, Third of all :) I gotta get me one! :D

  10. OOOOH...Drooling over the quiche...I could sit and watch you flip that all day. And applaud after each flip. I must find some tupperware.

    Still Glazed over

  11. That is pretty cool!
    But I am really here to thank you for reminding me of the date of our anniversary this year. I saw your comment on Leonie's post and realised that we share a date and the coolest date of all this year. 12 on the 12/12/12!! Love it. x

  12. It can't get any easier than it looked. Wow! I haven't seen Tupperware in forever. You wouldn't happen to have that quiche recipe, would ya? :-)


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