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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A knitting group


  1. I feel that love of place and the fear of losing what's important and the need to live well (have a bathroom). That tension between safety, health and human comfort and beauty, the old things, the open land and sky. They are knitting history. Knitting stories.


  2. What wonderful knitters--bless them!

  3. Jenni, these ladies are replicas of the lovely ladies at MY knitting group! What a wonderful film. I'm not far from Newcastle, and it's a bit sad that parts of it are a little run down. Isn't the Geordie accent so soft and lyrical? There are many wonderful things about Newcastle thoug, and I don't think you get a sense of that from this film. Thank you for showing us this Jenni, it's fab! Vanessa xxx


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