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Friday, November 4, 2011

Real Wool comes from Real Sheep

Its Wovember!

No idea what that means?

Head over here and find out what its all about and join in for the month of Wovember, I'll see you there  :-)


  1. Love those sheep! Where would we be without them. :-)

  2. Which reminds me ..I still have all that wool stashed in my sewing room somewhere ...It could be time to drag it out and start knitting some squares for a blanket....

  3. I always thought sheep were cute and white and cuddly. I never saw them as footstools, somehow - or as dirty - or as in color. I am so ignorant.

  4. I love that photo of the man with his feet up on the sheep - kind of reminds me of my uncle LOL...

  5. I am (still!) knitting my fairisle socks with wool from Jamiesons......... it's yummy!

    Wonderful pictures on this post Jenni.


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